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Aigerim's treasure-box

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The state historical-cultural museum of Abay “Zhidebai-Borili” was supplemented with one more valuable exhibit.

Aigerim was a beloved wife of Abai Kunanbaiuli, the most famous Kazakh poet, and philosopher. The box was donated to the museum fund by Aidar Kenzhetleuuly, son of Kenzhetlou Dolanbekuly, who personally knew Shakarim Haji Kudaiberdiuly.

At one time, the second wife of Abai Aigerim presented the box to Batet Azimkhankyzy. The mistress of this relic Batet apa is from the genus Zhigitek, the descendant of Bozhеi.

According to Meiramgul Qairambaeva, a deputy director of Semei state historical-cultural museum of Abay "Zhidebai-Borili, Batet Azimkhankyzy came to the village of Irgizbay as a daughter-in-law.

In accordance with old traditions, her husband's relatives alternately invited her to visit him. Then Aigerim gave the box to Batet, the young daughter-in-law who came to her house as a guest. Aigerim gifted the treasury-box not just to avoid letting her guest leave the house with an empty hand, but also as a sign of the wish for prosperity.

Aidar’s mother Aqlia is a younger sister of Batet Azimkhankyzy. In 1967 Batet apa gave the box to Aidar’s wife Bakhyt.  In the near future, it will be exhibited in the museum.


Azamat Kasym

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