Culture • 04 August, 2017

There is a new monument of Akhtamberdi Zhyrau in Ayagoz, Semei

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In Ayagoz, which is called the homeland of legends and wise men, poets and batyrs, a sculptor Nurbol Kaliyev established his new monument of the famous narrator and national hero Akhtamberdi Saryuly.

The deputy akim of Ayagoz district Darkhan Zhorgekbaev, the secretary of the district maslikhat Seilbek Iskakov, the chairman of the public fund "Kasvald" Amangeldy Kerimtaev participated in the opening ceremony of the bust. They gave speeches, in which they noted that the region is working hard to restore historical memory, perpetuate the names of outstanding ancestors and thanked the descendants of Akhtamberdi Zhyrau who initiated the erection of the monument.

"Our ancestor Akhtamberdi was not only a remarkable poet, but also famous batyr and military commander. The Kazakh warriors headed by him struck crushing blow on Zunghars. Therefore, we think, the monument opened today will become a notable contribution to education of the younger generation in the spirit of a patriotism", said the descendant of the batyr, akim of the Abai region, Tursingazy Musapirbekov.

The monument is set in the downtown on the street bearing a name of the batyr. Its height together with a pedestal is 2,5 meters.  

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