Culture • 21 August, 2017

What people say about EXPO-2017

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Juel Duprat, France:

This year, my family and I decided to spend two weeks of vacation in Kazakhstan. It has been nearly a week since we came here. I travel with my wife Sylvia and daughter Heloise. This is our first trip to the Kazakh country. Honestly, we did not hear about Kazakhstan before and did not think that your country is so developed. We admire the wonderful views of Astana, delighted with it.

We visited Almaty, saw the mountains, and just delighted with all this.

The EXPO exhibition in Kazakhstan made an unforgettable impression on us. It is clear that all countries are well prepared for the event. Especially, we liked the pavilions of Malaysia, Australia, and Germany. In addition, we visited the French pavilion. We were delighted when we have heard that the French pavilion is one of the three largest at the EXPO. My wife and I are both artists. After returning home we think to create a series of paintings about Astana, to reflect on them its remarkable appearance. By the way, Kazakh music, which every time sounds at the EXPO, has sunk into our hearts. Excellent melodies. We sat and really rested, while listening to wonderful music. It is one of the good memories about Kazakhstan.

Nuray Salibayeva, Shymkent:

We are visiting the EXPO exhibition together with our sisters. This is an amazing event of global scale that will never happen again. Therefore, I think that everyone who loves his or her Motherland must come and see the exhibition.

Today is our second day in Astana. First, we visited the pavilions of Russia, Monaco, and Germany. Very interesting. When you go into different pavilions, there is a feeling that you are traveling all over the world. When someone calls, you say: "I am now in the US, and then I will go to France." Is not this a miracle? It is an amazing state, as if you are actually bypassing the whole planet.

I would like to see such large international events taking place in our country, thanks to which the whole world will know about the Kazakhs. Of course, this will form a feeling of pride for the Motherland in the younger generation.

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