07 September, 2017

Family in slavery for 11 years

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In one of the winterings in Zhanaarka district, Karagandy oblast, a family of four people, including a minor, were in labor slavery for more than eleven years, BNews.kz reports.

The Head of the Center for Victims of Human Trafficking Oksana Tarabukina says that the slave master was manipulating the family by keeping a minor separately. Thus he tried to make the mother desperate. Currently, the injured woman and her sons are going through rehabilitation.

The woman came to Zhanaarka in 2006 to be with her husband who had already worked for the slave master. Later the head of the family died and the woman with her three children got to hostage. At first, they were doing a job in a house and getting a little salary. Then, the owner of wintering stopped to pay anything, continued to exploit the family.

Karen, the oldest son, is 26 years old. He was looking after the herds of horses, and his middle brother was helping him. Young people did not get money for their work and lived in constant fear. It was not possible to escape from the wintering.

"We could not escape. It was useless to address local bodies, write something because everything is connected. We were treated as a property. I tried to run, but they brought me back and beat. I worked there from the age of 15, my younger brother too. We miraculously managed to escape from there when the owner was away. First, we helped to my mother and Anuar to escape, and then my brother and I left", Karen recalled. 

Oksana Tarabukina says that the youngest boy does not realize what happened to him as he did not see the other life. To date, the main task is to document them. Since they never received an ID, it is a very difficult process. Then, within the framework of the international organization for migration, they will receive additional funding to pay special courses for the acquisition of the profession

Now the main task of the community is to help the family to adapt to society, find jobs, and help to obtain documents.

"The guys are safe and ready to do any job. I think they will easily find a job. Their mother already found a job. Surprisingly, the woman does not want to sew the slave owner. She just to wants to return to normal life.

According to O. Tarabukina, Zhanaarkinsky district is one of the most problematic regions in Karagandy oblast. There have recently been several cases of labor exploitation of people and the region is a leader in human slavering.

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