13 September, 2017

The EXPO-2017’s Nur Alem will become a museum

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All EXPO-2017’s pavilions will be disassembled except for Nur Alem. The dismantling started on September 11 and will continue until December 15, reports EXPO-2017’ Press Office.

Countries-participants will have to take out the exhibits, dismantle the internal building structures, clean the garbage and carry out repairs to return the premises to the organizers in their original form.  

The central pavilion of the international fair – the sphere Nur Alem – will work as a museum.

Nur Alem consists of 8 levels or stories and each of them has its own theme.

The highest 8th level introduces the future of Astana. It shows how Astana will probably look like in 2050.

The 7th level is about cosmic energy which demonstrates scientific ideas of gaining energy from space.

The 6th level is called “The Sun’s” Energy”. It illustrated how human beings have been using the energy from the Sun for our whole history.

The 5th level is dedicated to the wind’s energy. In this level, visitors can feel the strength of winds and learn about turning winds into energy.

The 4th level is “Biomass energy” and the 3rd level is “Kinetic Energy”.

The 2nd floor demonstrates how we get energy from water.

The 1st level is the National pavilion.

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