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14 September, 2017

A Riddle of geoglyphs in the Torgai steppe  

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Geoglyphs are the most unusual and unique monuments in Kostanay region. One of them is “Torgai swastika” which is located near Agashtykol village in Torgai district.

 An amateur archeologist Dmitry Day noticed unusual and visible images in the form of geometric shapes and patterns on the surface of the earth when he was looking at satellite images of Google Earth. "Torgai swastika" consists of three branches of the "sunbeam", which comes out of one point. According to experts, its area is 5,375 square meters. Geoglyphs are geometric or shaped patterns, which inflict to the ground with a length of more than 4 meters. Many geoglyphs are so large, that it can be seen only from the air.

Archaeologists called this geoglyph "Three rays". It is interesting that the Kazakhs in ancient called this land Saule, which literally mean the Sun’s ray. Foreign scientists investigated Geoglyphs too. Motuzayte Giedre, a scientist from Oxford (UK), visited Torgai Geoglyphs in summer of  2013. She took soil samples from the mound in order to establish their date. The British scientist found out that "the youngest" Torgai Geoglyph was constructed between the first century BC and the first century AD. It means that they are 2,5 thousand years old. Meanwhile, ancient Torgai geoglyphs, which can be viewed only from space, can be aged between 7,000 years of age and older.

Geoglyphs remain a mystery to scientists and archaeologists. According to many scientists, the discovery of Torgai geoglyphs is completely new, not only in Kazakhstan archeology but also in the world. They have great global significance. It is important not to destroy these objects with traditional methods of management, and safe for tourists. According to scientists, the swastika can appear on often-watered land. However, the funny thing is that the object has survived despite the fact that it is on the beaten ground.

Nazira Zharimbet,

«Egemen Kazakhstan»

Kostanay region,

Amangeldi district


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