18 September, 2017

The Kazakh Famine in 1931-1933 is to be filmed

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The MG Productions movie company is going to make a film about one of the most monstrous crimes of the 20th century committed by human hands - the Holodomor of 1931-1933. The company is known for its movies such as "Three nines" (Ush togyz), "Mother’s heart" (Ana Zhuregі), "The downside"( Obratnaya storona)

According to the general producer Yernar Malikov, due to the great famine, more than about 60 percent of the Kazakh people died. More than 1.5 million happened to be under pressure and had to leave their native land. The producer states that in 1911 there were 8.5-9 million Kazakhs. Among the Turkic people, Kazakhs had the second population number after the Ottoman Turks. In 1939, after an unprecedented tragedy, only 2.4 million Kazakhs remained alive.

The screenwriter and director of the movie Maria Konarova said that the movie strengthens sacred concepts such as respect for national values, humanism, and unity.

The movie was ready to be filmed five years ago, but the authors had to wait for better times. Finally, this year the European Film Foundation offered to pay half of the film's budget. The general producer is looking for private investors for remained part of the budget. The shooting will begin in November this year and will end in February next year. If everything goes smoothly, in the autumn of 2018, the film "Asharshilik" (Holodomor - Ed.) will be released to the audience.

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