21 September, 2017

Mineral water - treats or maims?

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To date, the average life expectancy in Kazakhstan is 70.5 years. Our country is the 152nd in the world on this indicator. In order to increase average life expectancy to 73 years by 2019, our government implements state program “Health”.

Of course, many factors affect life expectancy. For example, according to medical professionals, quality drinking water can extend life by 5-6 years. The World Health Organization, in turn, recommends that everyone use at least 450-700 ml of mineral water a day to get the necessary micro and macro elements not from food but from water because in this way they are quickly absorbed and distributed throughout the organism and bring tangible benefits to a person.

Mineral water as a medicine

There is an opinion among the people that mineral water is dangerous for health. By using purified water every day, we do not suspect that it contains useless substances. Sometimes we do not even know their varieties and features. For example, drinking water is water that has undergone various microbiological treatments while maintaining its original chemical composition. However, such water is ultraviolet-treated. That kind of water is not only harmful but also valueless as all beneficial bacteria are killed. Table water is artificially mineralized in the production process. In this case, after artificial mineralization, water ceases to be natural.

Natural mineral water is obtained from natural sources with the presence of natural mineralization. It contains amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and organic substances. In natural mineral water, there are also autochthonous bacteria, microorganisms useful for the organism. Interestingly, the purity of the streams also depends on these very microorganisms.

There are several types of mineral water. Hydrocarbon-ate water is useful for urolithiasis and for the stomach, chloride water for the gastrointestinal tract and gallbladder, sulfate water for the liver. There is also mixed water, which has a high healing property. For example, iron in its composition prevents anemia, iodine regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland. Calcium is useful for teeth, bones and muscles, magnesium for nerves, and sodium for pressure. Potassium regulates the work of the heart and kidneys.

The problem of mineral water in Kazakhstan

President Nazarbayev once said, "Water is a strategic resource that is very important for sustainable development of the country.” Kazakhstan has many sources of natural mineral water. All of them require scientific research, development, licensing and state control. According to experts, Kazakhstan has even light mineral water. "Light natural mineral water increases immunity. It does not contain heavy metals in its composition. Such water is rarely found all over the world, "says Evgeny Pyatov, Corresponding Member of the Committee on Mineral Resources of the Kazakhstan’s Science Academy.

It is worth noting that in 2005 Kazakhstan introduced criteria for the physiological usefulness of water in terms of chemical composition, and in 2008 introduced this concept into the national technical regulations first among the countries of the Customs Union. However, in 2019 the technical regulations for bottled water by the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC) will enter into force revoking previous technical regulations. It means that all the norms and requirements that are applied today to the quality of drinking water might be abolished. It is clear that this will perplex consumers. That is why experts expressing consternation on the possible consequences of this problem. The fact that people do not know the composition of water they are drinking is likely to create health problems within 10-15 years. It seems to us that the responsible authorities should revise this once again.

How to choose mineral water?

As we mentioned above, there are many natural sources of mineral water in Kazakhstan. Therefore, it is worth avoiding goods from abroad. First, it can be of pure quality. Secondly, the natural product is limited in terms of shelf life. We must pay attention to the time of spilling water into the bottles. If the mineral water is in a glass bottle, it can be stored for 1 year, in plastic bottles for 6 months.

In order to avoid purchasing a counterfeit, it is better to make a purchase in special places - from suppliers, pharmacies and manufacturers' shops. It is also worth looking at the label. There should be information about the expiration date, release time, sometimes even the number of the water well. In counterfeit products, there are many grammatical and stylistic errors, and there is no information about GOST and certification.

Gulnur Kuanyshbek,

«Egemen Kazakhstan»


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