22 September, 2017

DiCaprio shared a post on Kazakhstan's initiative to return tigers to Central Asia

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The famous American actor Leonardo DiCaprio shared an Instagram post about the initiative of Kazakhstan to implement a joint program with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to return the Turanian tiger to its historical habitats.

According to the bilateral memorandum, in case of success, Kazakhstan will become the first country in the world, which returned tigers to the region after complete extermination.  

According to the temporary schedule of the program, WWF will bring first tigers to Kazakh land in 2027.  Before that, Kazakhstan will prepare the reserve and restore the ecosystem.

"Have you heard? Kazakhstan will be the first country to bring wild tigers back to Central Asia, where they have gone extinct for nearly half a century! Wild tigers once prowled from eastern Turkey to the island of Bali - but their home range has since shrunk by over 90%," said in WWF page. 

WWF also emphasized that the Kazakhstan's plan to reintroduce tigers will help to protect an important habitat for people with wildlife and contribute to the achievement of the Tx2 goal.

For reference, Tx2 –  is a global initiative of WWF, which aims to double the number of tigers in the world by 2022.

DiCaprio is dedicated, environmentalist. It is his second post on the social network about Kazakhstan. Before this, he addressed the problem of the Aral Sea and made a regram from NatGeo account:

"Metaphorically walking on water, camels cross the dry bed of the Aral Sea. Irrigation tapping into the lake's feeder rivers has shrunk its size drastically and created this graveyard of rusting shipwrecks, where once a beautiful bay glistened. See more images of the effects of pollution in the former Soviet republics, including the Chernobyl accident, on my website www.gerdludwig.com," the actor wrote in his Instagram post.

Internet users from Kazakhstan thanked DiCaprio for noting the Aral Sea’s problem and expressed hope that environmental problems in the region will end.

Let us remind you, in recent, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation donated $ 20 million to save the environment.  Foundation will direct the funds to programs for marine reserves care and the fight against climate pollution.

Back to tigers theme, in 2016, DiCaprio participated in Russia’s tiger summit held in Saint Petersburg and donated $1 million to help endangered animal species. About 3,500 tigers have remained in the World. Thus, they are at risk of poaching and loss of habitat.

DiCaprio’s interest about tiger extinction began after the discussion with tiger protection experts. As actor says, his trip to Nepal, India and Indonesia made a big influence to pay a special attention to this issue.

"The tiger is at the top of the food chain and the main predator. Therefore, at first glance, it is not clear why it deserves more protection than other animals, which are also on the verge of extinction. However, if you сonsider the question more seriously, it turns out by keeping the main predator and its habitat, we protect the entire food chain. Scientists call it umbrella. The tiger is at the top of the ecological pyramid," says Leonardo DiCaprio about the importance of saving tigers.

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