Society • 27 September, 2017

Saudi Arabia allows women to drive

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On Tuesday the King of Saudi Arabia Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz issued a decree that grants women to drive. The reform will take effect in June 2018.

It is the first time in the country's history. The permission highlights damages of the prohibition to drive of women for the kingdom’s international reputation.

The document issues to create the high-status committee with participation of the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Finance, Labor and Social Development. The committee has 30 days to provide its recommendations. 

The decree said that the majority of the Council of Senior Scholars — the kingdom’s top clerical body — had agreed that the government could allow women to drive if done in accordance with Shariah law. In the opinion of the monarch, this decision will have a positive impact on society. 

"This is a big victory for Saudi Arabia. Women have struggled with this problem all their lives. After all, there were thoughts that women do not need to drive a car," say members of the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, spoke positively about this decision. On his Twitter page, he wrote that he supports giving women in Saudi Arabia the right to drive a car, stressing that this is an important step in the right direction.

Changes in the field of women's rights have begun in Saudi Arabia since 2011, when King Abdullah allowed women to be elected to Shura, the advisory council of the Kingdom's government. Then in 2012, women participated for the first time in the Olympic Games, and in 2015 they got the right to participate in municipal elections.

Gulnur Kuanyshbekkyzy,

"Egemen Kazakhstan"


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