04 October, 2017

Sultanbet's palace was reconstructed

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Scientists of the regional archaeological center of Margulan at the State Pedagogical Institute recreated this historically and spiritually significant building under the program "Tugan Zher" (Homeland).

Earlier, local archaeologists under the leadership of Timur Smagulov reported that they found the political and military leader of the eighteenth century Sultan Sultanmuhamed Bahadur’s rate on the bank of the Irtysh River. According to the scientists, our ancestor Sultanmuhamed, who was known as Sultanbet, lived in 1710-1799. He was Abylai Khan’s cousin. Sultanbet made a great contribution to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kazakh Khanate and Russian Empire. He wrote numerous manuscripts related to the diplomatic sphere.

During the Jungar invasion period, the Kazakh side sent to “Shandy Zhoryk” fight near the Irtysh a 50,000 army. In 1771 during the decisive struggle, Sultan Sultanbet with his sons defeated the Jungars. Today this previously insufficiently studied event confirmed by written sources. For example, research scientist Vitaly Sirik found about 50 relevant archival documents.

As historical document indicates, the Sultan's house was 6 meters wide and 25 meters long. On the coast of the Irtysh, he had several rates, and the one that was located in our area was called the Sultan’s island.

Altynbek Nukhuly, chancellor of the institute, became the initiator of palace’s placement in the "Margulan Center" with the regional akimat’s support. The restoration work was done in accordance with the original draft of Sultan's rate, which was preserved in the archive. A copy of the house is made of wood. The public foundation "Sultanbet sultan", headed by sultan’s descendant Zhumabek Khamzin carried out this work.

According to Mr. Khamzin, a special expedition visited the sultan's island. With the launch of the "Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity" program, the interest of local scientists about Sultanbet’s life increased significantly. This recreation of the rate can be served as a proof.

 Farida BIKAI,

«Egemen Kazakhstan»


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