Sport • 20 October, 2017

FC Astana defeats Maccabi scoring 4:0

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Yesterday FC Astana in its own stadium Astana Arena played third round of the Europe League’s group stage against Maccabi Tel Aviv, in which the Kazakhstan champion devastated the vice-champion of Israel by a score of four to zero.

This meeting was one of the most important at the group stage for the Kazakh club. Because if the Kazakh team had lost points, it would have had a very weak chance to go further to playoff rounds. There were other reasons to expect from FC Astana to win even with a minimum score. It has not lost the last 17 games under both European competitions: European League and Champions League. The fact that the football pitch is covered with artificial turf also plays important role in successful performance of the Kazakh team at home.

FC Astana started the game very actively pressing the players of other time and controlling the ball. They acted very carefully. At the 16th minute, the hosts got a free kick right in front of the goal, but Patrick Twumasi struck right into the Predrag Raikovich’s hands. Junior Kabananga tried to close Dmitry Shomko's scorpion strike, but it was unsuccessful. Later Shomko’s kick hit one of the Maccabi’s defenders with his hand in the penalty area and the judge made his decision. Patrick Twumasi realized the penalty with excellence and opened the score - 1: 0. By the end of the halftime, Shomko made another canopy, and Twumasi immediately sends the ball into the net - 2: 0. Fans went to the break in a good mood.

During the break, Jordi Cruijff made two substitutions, but after the whistle, Kabananga ran to the penalty line and struck in the far corner - 3: 0. A little has passed, and the Congolese attacked Raikovich’s gate - 4:0. Hosts of the field did not want to stop and kept moving forward. Murtazaev near the gate managed to shoot down the corner, but Raikovich showed the necessary reaction. The big score allowed the Astana team to play more restraint, the result was already known. On the field came Srdjan Grahovac and Marin Tomasov. Frankly speaking, teams were in a sleepwalk for last minutes. However, this match will remain in a history of Kazakhstan.

It is the first victory for Astana in group stages of Europe League. It is not just a win, FC Astana trashed its counterpart. 

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