Politics • 23 October, 2017

The Kyrgyz politician adresses N.Nazarbayev regarding Atambayev’s deeds

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Last Friday, the ex-state secretary of Kyrgyzstan, the head of the “Butun Kyrgyzstan” party, Adakhan Madumarov addressed Nazarbayev saying that no one can spoil the fraternal relations between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The politician shared his position on Youtube.

For the last two weeks, the current president of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev expressed harsh criticism against Kazakhstan and its president. Interestingly, not all citizens of Kyrgyzstan share his views. Among them, there are state and public figures, like Adakhan Madumarov. Here we are sharing what he said in that video.

 “I take this opportunity to address the doyen of the entire Turkic people Nursultan Nazarbayev. You have always revered the relationship of the Kazakhs and Kirgiz respected the accord between our countries. I want to say that the words of one person should not affect the whole people. Let the people not suffer from this,” Mr. Madumarov said. He also thanked Nursultan Nazarbayev for special attitude to Kyrgyzstan and for his patience while his Kyrgyz counterpart was slandering him.

Mr. Madumarov supports the way President Nazarbayev behaves despite provocations: “This is my official request to the power of Kazakhstan.  These days will pass. Our relationship still could not be broken. I hope that no one can do this.”

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