24 October, 2017

А Kazakh man visited 17 countries and 55 cities by hitchhiking

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In May 24-year-old Nursultan Balganov left his job, left his friends and followed his dream to get to Iceland.

"Since my childhood, I had a dream to visit Iceland. I always wanted to travel. Everyone is asking me why I chose hitchhiking. Nowadays, people are used to connect with each other in a virtual world. By hitchhiking, you can socialize with people face to face in a real world. This is an unbelievable life experience. You meet so many characters and share your opinions. By hitchhiking, I found that people mostly are kind and merciful.”

Young traveler says that drivers pick up a good companion to pass the time on a road. That is why it is better to be outgoing and adaptive.

“I started my trip from Atyrau and I had no specific plan. I needed to go to Astrakhan and move towards Europe. Kazakh people are unaware about hitchhiking. They were afraid to pick me up, and I spent two days for leaving the country. Eventually, the married couple agreed to bring me to the border and my adventures began there," the traveler says.

"I took only 100 dollars and somehow reached Russia. When I got to a minibus, A Kazakh guy paid for me, then the whole passengers began to collect 10, 50, 100 rubles. I was so thankful to everyone for kindness. Mainly, fellow travelers offered to buy food or help with money. Nevertheless, all I wanted was to take me if we had the same direction. Also, there were moments when nobody helped, and I was starving for 2-3 days," says Nursultan.

As Nursultan told, he wanted to experience surviving with no money firsthand.

"Sometimes the only thing I had to eat was only cookies and water for a week. I used to eat only when I have to. It was a very strange feeling when you want to eat, but keep going on. On the day I walked about 40 kilometers and lost 10 kilograms," the traveler shares.

Nursultan visited 17 countries and more than 50 cities.

In his opinion, Dutch people are very friendly. Even when he just sat on a bench, people asked him for several times if everything was fine and offered to buy him food. As he told, in no other countries people worried about him.

"If we talk about nature, I liked the south of France, because there is an access to the sea, mountains, and beaches. If we pay attention to the way people look, I found Belarusians very beautiful and charming. It is not only about girls, but also for boys and adults," says Nursultan.

Nursultan Balganov also shared his dangerous experiences that he met on his way. He was uncomfortable sleeping on the street. It seemed that someone could steal his things or even could harm him. Happily, nothing happened.

"I saw the beauty of Iceland alive. I proved to myself that I can be happy no matter how much money I have in my pocket. I got what I wanted. We should visit such places, feel the whole atmosphere, the power of nature," the traveler expresses his feelings.

His sister helped him to get back to home country.  

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