18 December, 2017

President Nazarbayev’s new book presented in Astana

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On the eve of Kazakhstan’s Independence Day Nursultan Nazarbayev’s new book “The Era of Independence” has been presented in the Library of the of the First President of Kazakhstan.

Written in the genre of historical journalism and published in Kazakh and Russian, Elbasy's new work reflects the author's view of the country's recent history and its future.

"This book is dedicated to my people, who always supported me. The people who confidently go to the future with their own Kazakh way! " writes the President in the epigraph of the book. 

Opening the ceremony of the solemn presentation of the new edition, First Deputy Chairman of the Nur Otan Party Muhtar Kul-Muhammed said: "This book can rightfully be called the Encyclopaedia of Independence written by the Founding Father of our state."

The book characterizes the stages of a quarter-century Kazakhstan's Independence and analyzes the internal logic and decision-making mechanisms in response to the most difficult internal and external challenges. The book clearly reflects the essence of the "Kazakhstan model" of development, its evolution, basic principles, mechanisms and driving forces. It also considers three waves of Kazakhstan's modernization. Thanks to the First and Second Modernizations, the tasks of dismantling the totalitarian system and building a market economy, early joining the top 50 of the most competitive countries in the world were successfully accomplished. The third modernization is aimed at a comprehensive renewal of the country and its promotion to the thirty most developed countries in the world in the new global reality.

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