President • 25 December, 2017

President Nazarbayev Holds Meeting with Domestic Journalists

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On the video announcements, Kazakhstan’s President talks about distribution of political power and answer the question about the expediency of spending so much money on EXPO international fair.

"Our laws, including the basic law, cannot remain constant. As time goes by it must change in accordance with the whole movement. It is not the first time we are changing it," says the President refers to the appropriateness of the decisions he took, - The life will show whether we have done big things or nothing. We are moving in accordance with the need of our people.  

The President is to give more power to the Parliament so that it could control the executive power. In his previous speeches, he said that Kazakhstan needed a strong presidential governing during its first years of independence: as we could overcome turbulent period now we need strong Parliament.

The full video of the meeting will be broadcast on national tv stations on December 25.  

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