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QazaqGeography hold a conference on domestic tourism development projects

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A press conference was held on domestic tourism development projects in the framework of research and educational activities of the RPA "Kazakhstan National Geographic Society" QazaqGeography, reports

Head of the Department of State Monitoring of Scientific Projects and Programs of the Science Committee of the MES RK, Raushan Mukysheva, Chairman of the Management Board of QazaqGeography, Vice President of Nazarbayev University Innovation, Kanat Baigarin, Manager of the Department of International and Scientific Projects at QazaqGeography, Nurzhan Algashov, Junior Researcher at the Laboratory of Biophotonics Imaging of National Laboratory Astana of the Nazarbayev University, Veronika Dashkova, were speakers.

"The 2018 season will be opened with the scientific-educational expedition "Aral 2018." The main purpose of the trip is the collection of data on the hydrobiological diversity of the Northern and Southern Aral," said Kanat Baigarin.

The second expedition will be a trip to the sacral sites of Central and Eastern Kazakhstan in the series of annual expeditions "Kieli Kazakhstan." The series of expeditions is aimed at a comprehensive study of ancient historical sites of spiritual heritage.

In order to compile an electronic Atlas of sacred sites in 2017, the QazaqGeography team visited the sacral sites of Kazakhstan, including the Zhuban Ana mazar, the Terekty Auliye archaeological complex, the Kalzhan-Ahun madrasah, the Begim-Ana tower, the Shakpak- Ata, Shopan-Ata and Beket-Ata underground mosques. In 2018, scientists will study 6 objects of spiritual heritage.

"In 2018, QazaqGeography will publish the factual book “The Fate and Heritage of Shoqan Walikhanov." The book will open new chapters on previously uncharted facts from the life of Shoqan Walikhanov, which have been studied in detail by the author and Kazakh scientist, doctor of historical sciences, professor Zh. A. Yermekbay," said Kanat Baigarin.

QazaqGeography also continues to work to support reintroduction projects of the so-called “Turanian” tiger, Przhewalski's horse and the creation of Ulytau Reserve. These projects have been ongoing since 2014.

So, in 2014 together with the Association for Biodiversity Conservation of Kazakhstan, the territory of the future tiger habitat was circled for international and Kazakhstani experts. At this time, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Wildlife Fund of Russia are working to restore the ecosystem to create a natural reserve “Ili-Balkhash.” It is planned that the first tigers will arrive there in 2025. These are individuals of the Ussuri tiger, which are genetically close to the extinct Turanian tiger and are more adapted to the harsh conditions of life.

According to Nazarbayev University Vice President, Kanat Baigarin, this is a very big project that will not only touch upon the problem of the revival of the Turanian or Balkhash tiger, but will also encompass a whole chain of nature and ecology: from the predator standing on top chain, to the vegetation cover of its habitat. That is, the project will be implemented with the scientific approach to the problem.

Recall,  the Republican Public Association "Kazakhstan National Geographic Society" QazaqGeography was established in October 2013.

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