Government • 17 May, 2018

With help of digital technologies a human is becoming manager of his health — AEF-2018

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The opening of the XI Astana Economic Forum took place today; its main goal is the search for solutions to global problems. 1200 delegates from 111 countries are taking part in the Global Challenges Summit 2018, reports

Within the framework of the Astana Economic Forum, Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov, spoke at the panel session with a presentation on "How Artificial Intelligence Will Replace the Doctor."

In his speech the Minister noted that the digitalization of the health care system is based on the human health ecosystem, which has four segments: recovery and prevention, early detection of diseases, medical care and disease management and rehabilitation.

"Health is the application of digital technology in all respects. First of all, these are the digital technologies that we are starting to use in a pilot mode. For example, mobile applications, special sites, etc. They are aimed at strengthening and preserving human health," the minister added.

In addition, the Minister stressed that the pilot project on transition to paperless health care in 8 regions of Kazakhstan works already. 120 paper forms have been digitized. Until January 1, 2019, all regions will completely switch to paperless health care.

Yelzhan Birtanov also dwelled in detail on the work on introduction of artificial intelligence in oncology "Watson for Oncology." This program selects individual methods of treatment, scales access to oncological expertise and analyzes large volumes of medical literature, processing data from more than 300 medical scientific journals, 200 textbooks and almost 15 million pages of text.

Another project is the introduction of solutions for machine learning on the basis of the Kazakh-British Technical University with the participation of Kazakh scientists. The goal of the projects is to develop methods and platforms for data processing of the health care system using machine learning methods.

Recall, Artificial Intelligence Watson for Oncology was trained by leading experts in oncology from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Watson for Oncology has successful experience in 15 advanced countries around the world.

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