22 May, 2018

Sowing campaign conducted according to schedule in all regions - MA RK

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Today at the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, First Vice Minister of Agriculture, Arman Yevniev, reported on the progress of the spring field works, reports primeminister.kz.

According to preliminary data, this year the areas of agricultural crops will amount to 21.8 million hectares, which is the same as the level of the previous year.

Cereals are planned for an area of 14.7 million hectares, including wheat - 11.4 million hectares with a reduction to the level of 2017 by 544 thousand hectares. Also, fodder crops will increase by the same amount, grain crops will occupy more than 2.5 million hectares with an increase of 49 000 ha to the level of the previous year. Oilseeds will be about 2.6 million hectares. Positive growth dynamics is shown by potato areas - 210 thousand hectares or 15% to the previous year.

"Currently, spring sowing is underway everywhere. As of May 21, the sowing of spring cereals was carried out at 31% of the planned area, oil crops - by 50%, vegetable crops - by 77%, potatoes - by 55%. The sowing of sugar beet and cotton has been completed," Arman Yevniev informed.

However, according to him, because of the cool weather conditions and late ripening of the soil, the rates of sowing are slightly lower than in the last year. In this regard, it is necessary to take measures to ensure high-productive use of planting equipment to complete the sowing at the time.

The First Vice Minister of Agriculture informed that 2.6 million tons of seeds have been harvested this year.

"In the current year, a new mechanism for subsidizing seed production will be implemented, providing for the free supply of farmers with seeds in spring from the seed producers or retailers of seeds of the 1st reproduction or elite seeds at a minimum rate. The Department of Agriculture of the region pays the full cost of the seeds that have been sold at the rate to the elite seed producer, the seed farm or the retailer," A. Yevniev noted.

At the same time, in the autumn, after harvesting, the agricultural producers will return 30% of the cost of seeds to the Fund for Seed Development, which will accumulate returnable funds and direct them to finance the acquisition and modernization of fixed assets (equipment) for certified seed producers at a low interest rate (1- 2%). The implementation of this mechanism will ensure that by 2021, a hundred percent seeding will be conducted with seeds not lower than the third reproduction.

Currently, the draft Regulation on subsidizing seed production undergoes the approval procedure in related state bodies. With regard to the availability of mineral fertilizers, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, in 2018 farmers claimed 446 thousand tons of fertilizers, including 270 000 tons during the spring field works. For these purposes, 17 billion tenge are provided in local budgets. As of May 16, 93 thousand tons of fertilizers or 21% of the declared amount were shipped to the agrarians.

In the current year, applications for subsidies and their payment are carried out electronically, that is, the process is fully automated. As of May 16, this year, 11.5 thousand applications for subsidies amounting to 7.4 billion tenge have been filed.

In continuation of the report, the First Vice Minister spoke on the readiness of agricultural machinery for spring field works.

"In the republic there are 142.6 thousand tractors, 3.7 thousand sowing complexes, 82.5 thousand seeders, 297.0 thousand tillage tools. As of May 15, the availability of tractors is 97% for the spring field work, 100% for seeding complexes, 100% for seed drills, 100% for tillage tools," A. Yevniev provided statistical data.

In addition, this year the demand of agrarians of the republic in diesel fuel for spring field works is 375 thousand tons. In cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, the Schedule of diesel fuel supplies to the regions for the period February-June of this year have been approved.

The Ministry of Energy set the price for April-May - 134 tenge/l (161 thousand tenge/t) from the refinery, taking into account the delivery of operators, the average price in the regions will be 150 tg/l, which is 9% cheaper than the market price (filling stations 165 tg/l).

In conclusion A. Yevniev noted that as of May 21 of this year, according to the approved schedule, with the plan of contracts for 117.0 thousand tons in May, the contracts for 101 thousand tons (87%) were concluded, 73 thousand tons (63%) were paid, 50 thousand tons (43%) were shipped.

Akim of Kostanay region - A. Mukhambetov, North Kazakhstan - K. Aksakalov, Akmola region - M. Murzalin reported on the progress of spring field works in the regions.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture, Umirzak Shukeyev, said that the sowing campaign is carried out according to the schedule in all regions. U. Shukeyev drew attention to the fact that the regional akims should make every effort to complete the spring sowing on time.

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