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Is it all good that they advertise?

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Advertising is the driving force of production and business. This is an indisputable fact.

Of course, no one will dispute that advertising was and remains the driving force of production and business. I wonder who first came up with the idea to use visual means to praise your product?

Like it or not, we like it or not, but we cannot escape from it. And all that now remains for millions of viewers and readers - to try not to go on the occasion of tempting advertising and learn to coolly perceive all the tricks of numerous manufacturing companies.

Admittedly, the creators of advertising, no doubt, are very gifted people. These masters of their craft are able to deliver goods in this way, stick out its dignity, which the consumer and the watch will not want in the other direction. After all, experts have perfectly learned that advertising is "science", which allows to competently turn a head to the consumer.

We can say that we become voluntary victims of advertising that is almost not coming off the TV screens. This is not difficult to notice, without even going into the psychological depths of its impact. To become a victim of advertising, it is not at all necessary to acquire under its influence a useless thing. The main thing is that commodity producers through the manufacturers of advertising impose their tastes and specific needs on the population. And this can not be underestimated.

Advertising dominates the preferences of a person. And do not those who fall into dependence on advertising and are not able to make an independent choice, do not, in this case, be likened to horse-drawn horses with blinkers that do not allow to look around? What is the difference between advertising from these same Shor? After all, its task is also to achieve from the person the fulfillment of the will imposed on him, drawing him in a certain direction, depriving him of a free review and his own point of view.

When it comes to very large money, companies do not bargain with advertising agencies and skilled writers, psychologists, artists and actors working on them. We can say that, without exaggeration, numerous commercials are nothing more than a struggle for tastes and preferences of consumers.

Somehow, on occasion, we asked one well-known singer who advertised on the domestic channels cosmetic products of an average hand:

- Do you wash your hair with this shampoo?

And they heard in reply:

- Well, of course not!

The creators of advertising know all the ways how to hook the consumer. To do this, first, convince him of the quality of the advertised goods, secondly, to achieve the external appeal of the goods. Thirdly, to introduce into consciousness the idea of their relevance, necessity and, fourthly, the tradition. Finally, the last and the most important thing is to rely on the opinion of famous and authoritative people. Writers certainly take them into account when creating commercials, often with a special emphasis on one thing.

One of the most important principles of advertising effectiveness is its repeatability. That is, advertisers make a massive attack on the brain to achieve their goal.

And the ubiquitous advertising affects the consciousness not only of adults but especially of children and adolescents, day and night, not departing from television sets. Perhaps, therefore, in Europe, it is allowed to advertise children's products only after nine in the evening.

Despite this, the best examples of advertising are often considered as creative projects in the field of television and cinema. To increase the number of successful and effective promotional products, the French producer Jean Marie Bursico came up with a grandiose show "The Night of Ad Eaters". And now for a quarter of a century, Bursiko shows in his nightly show the best commercials, received good reviews of experts. After the premiere in Paris, it began to be held in other countries of the world. In the 2000s, this project was also seen by the people of Kazakhstan.

In any case, advertising has become a distinctly pronounced trend, the following market laws. And from this, you cannot escape. So the problems of reducing its harm, negative impact on the younger generation will remain relevant.

Ainash ESALI,

«Egemen Kazakhstan»


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