Government • 05 June, 2018

PM instructs to carry out explanatory work with population on situation with meningococcal infection

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June 5 at a meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, a report of the Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov on the current situation with the spread of meningococcal infection was heard outside the planned agenda, reports

According to the Minister of Healthcare, in Kazakhstan, since the beginning of 2018, 593 people have been suspected of meningococcal infection, of whom 213 have been hospitalized, and a diagnosis of meningococcal infection has been confirmed for 58 patients. Ten people have been discharged, 35 are receiving treatment.

To stabilize the meningococcal infection situation, of the following measures are taken:

  • The Ministry of Healthcare established the staff for the prevention of infectious diseases, which daily coordinates the stabilization measures and the measures taken;
  • A comprehensive plan of measures to stabilize the incidence of meningococcal infection has been approved;
  • 4136 contact persons were identified, a course of antibiotic prophylaxis was prescribed for all, 3438 persons have completed it, 698 continue;

Following the results of consideration of the issue, the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev outlined a number of open questions and gave specific instructions.

  • First, the information and explanatory work on the situation with meningococcal infection should be carried out, so as not to create panic among the population.
  • Second, the Ministry of Healthcare and akims need to ensure full transparency in the work of the established central and local staff.
  • Third, the issues of vaccination and high vaccine prices, which vary in the regions from 20 to 40 thousand tenge. It is necessary to resolve issues with price regulation promptly.
  • Fourth, medical care must be provided urgently to all patients with suspected meningococcal infection and who applied regardless of their territorial affiliation.

"It is necessary to resolve such issues promptly. Conduct appropriate work with akims. In such cases, all medical institutions should be instructed — to treat all of them infected, no matter what. Yelzhan Amantayevich, today you are leaving for Almaty. I charge you to see everything with your own eyes, make the necessary decisions, conduct explanatory work with the population," said Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

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