Education • 18 June, 2018

NTS prepared 80,000 questions for school graduates - Ramazan Alimkulov

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June 18 at a press conference in the press center of the Government, director of the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ramazan Alimkulov, spoke about the readiness for the Unified National Testing.

Ramazan Alimkulov noted that this year the UNT will be held the jubilee 15th time. During this time, about 1.5 million graduates took part in the UNT.

According to the director of the testing center, this year graduates underwent a trial test 700 times in online mode and using test brochures. 100 thousand graduates applied for participation in the UNT. In this regard, it can be said that each graduate passed a seven-time trial test.

"Currently, preparations for UNT-2018 are in normal mode. All the auditoriums are ready. The format in the current year haven’t changed: three compulsory (History of Kazakhstan – 20 questions, reading literacy – 20, mathematical literacy – 20, also two subjects of choice for 20 questions)," Alimkulov said.

In addition, the director of the center informed that the mechanism of appeal remains unchanged.

Thus, at present, members of the Republican Appeal Commission consisting of 54 people have been selected. Until 13:00 the next day after passing the test, the graduate who passed the UNT, as well as challenging any question, has the right to first file with the local appeal committee. If the local appellate commission considers that there is reason to dispute, the materials are transferred to the republican appeal commission.

Ramazan Alimkulov also presented the data of the previous year. In 2017, 198 graduates an appeal to the testing center.

"Of these, exactly 50% relate to technical issues: when typing books, sometimes the texts are shifted, in which case certain points are added. In terms of content – about 98 were satisfied," said the director of the testing center.

It should be noted that in the database of last year there were about 40 thousand test tasks. Of these, 98 of the contested issues were 0.02%.

"According to world practice, up to 1% is allowed. We believe that these are normal indicators. In the current year, the base is updated by 50%. We are ready to enter the UNT-2018 with 80,000 questions," Ramazan Alimkulov added.

Earlier at a meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev reported that in 2018, the Unified National Test will be held from June 20 to July 1 in 167 places. A total of 120 test tasks. The maximum score is 140. The passing score is 50 points, for entry into the national universities it is necessary to score 65 points.

To date, a database of test tasks for all subjects of the UNT has been formed. In 2018 the base of test tasks was updated by 50%. Test tasks are focused on functional literacy, i.e. on the definition of abilities for further learning, the level of logical thinking, basic competencies and understanding. The variety of forms and content of tasks will exclude the moment of guessing and memorizing the educational material, and will give an opportunity to assess the real knowledge, abilities of the graduate.

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