18 June, 2018

MES announces dates of commissioning of the first dormitories

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June 18 at a briefing in the press center of the Government, Vice Minister of Education and Science Bibigul Assylova told about the ongoing work to improve the living conditions of students in the framework of the implementation of the President’s Five Social Initiatives, reports primeminister.kz.

According to the vice minister, the need for student dormitories today is about 83 thousand places. Together with akimats, work is carried out to allocate land for the construction of the buildings. To date, 134 sites have been allocated on the territory or near education organizations.

In addition, a mechanism for the construction of hostels has been defined.

"It is quite simple and understandable. The developer makes a hostel project. Then he signs an agreement to receive government contracts with the Financial Center. Then he gets a loan from the bank. After commissioning the dormitory, he receives compensation payments from the state," Assylova explained.

To simplify the procedure, the Committee of Construction developed standard projects of dormitories, which had been given to all akimats. In addition, the question of lowering the interest rate on loans in banks by including the construction of hostels in the Business Road Map is being worked out.

The vice minister noted that the analysis showed the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism for the construction of dormitories and its compliance with the budgetary policy in the country. So, with the target allocation of funds from the republican budget for the construction of hostels, the state would need about 400 billion tenge, while with the proposed mechanism these expenses are reduced to 150 billion tenge.

Thus, a significant reduction in the burden on the republican budget will be achieved, both in the amount of expenditures and in the time period. The mechanism is approved by the business community and educational organizations.

An interactive map has been developed and operates taking into account all needs, available and working online on fincenter.kz. The map, according to Assylova, provides an opportunity to obtain all information on hostels in the context of educational organizations and regions.

The ministry initiated amendments to the legislation on the expansion of academic and managerial independence of universities. For example, the Law on Education provides for additions that expand the competence of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to approve the placement rules and methods for calculating the amount of government contracts for providing places in dormitories and, by definition, the operator of this project.

"Now the preparations are proceeding to the active phase. If the amendments to the law are adopted by the parliament in August, then another month will go into the elaboration of the normative and legal acts of the ministry. By September 2019 we plan to hand over 5000 seats. This is our optimistic forecast," Assylova said.

Answering the questions of journalists, Assylova noted that at present there are 204 thousand out of town students in the country, 101 thousand of them need dormitories.

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