28 June, 2018

Eight countries to bring ethnographic museum exhibits to Koshpendiler Alemi festival

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Upward of 5,000 people will visit the International Festival of Nomadic Culture "Koshpendiler Alemi" (World of Nomads) timed to the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan, which will be held from June 30 to July 1 in Astana.

The concept of the Koshpendiler Alemi festival is based on the successful model of the Great Kurultai of the Turkic Peoples, which since 2008 has been held in the Hungarian People's Republic. This largest ethnographic event in the world can serve as a good example for Kazakhstan.

"The program will be held simultaneously on several sites. The territory of the festival is divided into auls, where customs and traditions, archery, national sports, wrestling, gastronomy, martial arts and handicraft will be presented. We hope that the event will become an impetus for the audience to participante," Deputy Chairman of NC Kazakh Tourism Timur Duisengaliyev said.

In total, seven auls are represented in the festival, where everyone can take part in archery competitions, Audaryspaq, Qyz quu, Asau, Qazaq kuresi and other games, try national food and choose unique handiworks of folk artists.

Participants include groups from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bashkortostan and Yakutia, each will present its program. As explained by the Director of the Historical and Patriotic Group "Sarbaz Rukhy" Assel Alisherova, some participants bring their country ethnographic museum exhibits that everyone can see. One of such spectacular productions will be the performance of the “Amazons.”

In addition, a full immersion in the world of nomads will be provided by musical performances of the Arkaiym neo-ethnofolk group, throat singing performer Turgen Kam, Turan ethno-folk group, laureate of the contest "The Spirit of the Tengri" Juliana Krivoshapkina.

"The festival can serve as an excellent example of event tourism and contribute to the development and revival of traditions and culture of our people," said Nurzhan Algashov, manager of the international and scientific projects department of QazaqGeography.

According to Algashov, nomadic civilization, which originated in the steppes of Kazakhstan, was one of the most powerful and ancient. The festival shows the unity of the Kazakh culture and all peoples, somehow connected with it.

The International Festival of Nomadic Culture "Koshpendiler Alemi"  (World of Nomads) will be held in the Ethnoaul National Cultural Complex on the territory of the Kazanat race track from June 30 to July 1. The participation in the Koshpendiler Alemi festival is free of charge.

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