Government • 30 June, 2018

Agreement signed on further development of tourism in Kazakhstan

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The grand opening of the International Festival of Nomadic Culture "Koshpendiler Alemi" timed to the 20th anniversary of Astana took place June 30. The event started with a parade of team members representing Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation (Bashkortostan, Yakutia), Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Turkey, Hungary and Bulgaria. 

The solemn opening ceremony was attended by Chairman of Kazakh Tourism Rashid Kuzembayev, Chairman of Qazaq Geography Zhana Rustem, representatives of the Astana Akimat and partners of the festival. 

Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Tourism Rashid Kuzembayev noted that the Koshpendiler Alemi festival will be held annually. 

"In the beginning we will be based in Astana, possibly in the Akmola region. And in the future, I think, we will roam across all regions of Kazakhstan. We have a common territory, common language, common traditions and I think that this magnificent event should be seen in all regions. The task is to create new tourist routes so that they are interesting not only to our citizens, but also to tourists who come from abroad," Kuzembayev stressed. 

Within the opening ceremony of the Koshpendiler Alemi festival, a memorandum of mutual cooperation between Kazakh Tourism and QazaqGeography was signed, with the common goal of promoting the development of tourism, science and culture of Kazakhstan. 

"Today's signing of the memorandum is a very important milestone, it is the development of our two organizations - QazaqGeography and Kazakh Tourism in implementing joint projects in the field of geography, ethnography, culture and history," said the chairman of Qazaq Geography. 

The nearest joint projects are two joint expeditions in August and September 2018 along the Silk Road route and historical and natural monuments of Central Kazakhstan. 

It should be noted that for the visitors of Koshpendiler Alemi, a review of the three historical epics of the nomads has been prepared. 

The first epic will be shown by the Bagatur team - it is a legend about fairies which saved the people of Bulgarian batyrs. The second epic - the legend of the capture of the fortress by the Ottoman Empire — will be presented by the Turkish team. 

The Kazakh team will show the final epic - the legend of love between Medet and Aisulu. During the show of the legend, the Kazakh national games "tenge alu", "qyz quu" and "audaryspaq" will be demonstrated. 

In general, the territory of the festival is divided into seven auls, in which there are brave warriors, well-aimed archers, dexterous horses, the best artisans and musicians of nomadic culture. 

For two days in each aul there will be interesting and exciting events: 

  • Aul "Ak Mergen" — performances of archers, "Zhamby Atu"; 
  • Aul "Shabyt" — performance of musicians and ethno-folklore groups Turan, Manaschi, Arkaim, Turgen Kam and others; 
  • Aul "Tayburyl" — competitions on the national game "Asau"; 
  • Aul "Keruen Saray" — cuisine of nomadic peoples; 
  • Aul "Altyn Saqa" — competitions on "Kazak kuresi", "Arqan Tartu", "Assyq Atu", "Byqa Tartys", "Qoi Koteru" and other types of national Kazakh and traditional nomadic games; 
  • Aul "Batyr" — field camp of steppe warriors, where the scenario of ancient fights will be recreated, as well as spectacular national games "Audaryspaq" and "Qyz Quu"; 
  • Aul "Sheber" is a workshop of artisans with an exhibition of unique handicrafts. Here visitors will be able to learn about the intricacies of craftsmanship, participating in various master classes, and also to purchase souvenirs. 

In addition, it is planned to hold master classes on dzhigitovka, archery and other elements of the culture of nomadic tribes. 

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