02 July, 2018

Mechanical engineering is a potential pillar of the economy

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In industrialized countries, one of the most important indicators of the economy is the level of development of the machine-building industry. Independent Kazakhstan, striving to achieve ambitious goals, is making great efforts to develop machine building in the process of diversifying its economy.

We must admit that earlier our country could not boast of any significant achievements in this industry. During the Soviet era, the republic was a supplier of raw materials for the Union and never began to create high-tech engineering. In the first years of independence, in connection with the protracted difficulties of the transition period, the development of this important industry was abandoned at a later date. The turn toward engineering, which is based on many prosperous economies of the world, began only with the adoption in 2010 at the initiative of the President of the country's program of industrial and innovative development until 2020.

Today, along with complex production in the machine-building industry, other facets of the domestic industry are being mastered, and the first results of efforts have been made to rid the economy of the oil and raw materials dependence. In accordance with the program of industrialization, machine building is gaining momentum. Within the framework of the industrialization map, more than a hundred large projects have been commissioned in this sector. Thanks to state support, the output of products that had not been produced in Kazakhstan earlier has been established. In particular, the production of mobile drilling complexes, electric locomotives, locomotives, freight and passenger wagons, bulldozers, cars and trucks was created and earned. The company producing helicopters made a profit.

In 2017, the share of machinery products reached 10 percent of the output of the entire processing industry. Compared with previous years, the output of cars increased 4.7 times, railway cars - 9 times.

In the course of the nationwide teleconference held in December, "New industrialization of the country: the leap of the Kazakhstani leopard" President Nursultan Nazarbayev noted: "Today in Kazakhstan various models of vehicles of 18 well-known brands are being assembled. We began to export them to China, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other countries. "

In the second five-year plan of the state program of industrial-innovative development of the country, 14 sectors of the economy are given priority. Six of them are related to the machine-building industry.

According to the head of the Union of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan Meiram Pshmabaev, engineering in the framework of industrialization has great potential. "We will not only provide the domestic market with high-demand technology products, but also create opportunities to increase the country's export potential. Mechanical engineering is the driver of technological modernization of the economy. Therefore, based on the development of this significant branch of the economy in the coming period, we are aimed at achieving the trend 4.0 in the global ecosystem. Active work is conducted with foreign colleagues who have experience in mechanical engineering. Already, the products of Kazakhstan machinery industry enjoy high demand in the markets of Russia, China and a number of CIS countries, "he said.

The current rates of development of machine building can be judged from the following list of enterprises included in the Industrialization Map of the Second Five-Year Plan for 2015-2019. In the specified terms, an automobile plant in Oskemen city, a production center for the production of small boats in Uralsk, a Karaganda plant for the production of cranes, the Kyzylorda production center for the production of electric loaders, the Ekibastuz plant for the production of railway axles and wheel sets for railway wagons, other major projects will be completed. These projects, implemented in all regions of the country within the framework of the program of industrial and innovative development, inspire confidence that the machine-building industry will in the future become a strong pillar of the state economy.

Jylkybay Jagyparuly,

«Egemen Kazakhstan»

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