01 July, 2018

The II International Festival of Puppet Theaters "Kuralai" starts in Astana

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The II International Festival of Puppet Theaters "Kuralai" began with a parade of its participants.

A brass band accompanied by children and artists in national costumes, puppet dolls, show-ballet dancers "Zara", a show on stilts accompanied the streets of Astana.

From July 1 to July 4, the teams of countries such as Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Estonia, Serbia and Kazakhstan will perform at the Puppet Theater.

The first performance of the festival program will be held at 13:30. Kazakh State Folk Tale "Kanbak Shal" will be shown by the State Almaty Puppet Theater. Two hours later the audience will see the stage miniature "ADAJO" - a joint creative project of the RGISI Puppet Theater (Russia) and the theater "Kulturna Scene MALI STARARI TREBINE" (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

While some guests will be watching the production, others will be able to attend a master class from the Serbian director Amelia Vuchenovic "Doll and Child", "Education of Morals", "The Art of the Puppeteer".

The first interactive day of the interactive show of the puppet theater "Verdi" from Italy will finish the first day of the festival.

July 2 at 10 am the spectators are waiting for the performance "Garbage monster" performed by the puppet theater "Karakoz" from Istanbul, Turkey. Following this, a participant from St. Petersburg, Viktor Antonov, will present the "Circus on Threads". Also in the program of the day the play "Umka" in the production of the theater "Projekt" from Estonia and "Wake, rise and shine" from the theater Marek Waszkiel from Poland.

The next festival day, July 3, will open with the "Meeting" from the National Center for Puppet Arts of Tunisia. "The history of the little black chicken" will be presented by the Figuren Theater Vlinders Theater from Belgium. Participants from the Tambov State Puppet Theater will show the production of "Zhucha". The festival will be completed by the staging of the Astana Puppet Theater "Mangilik bala beyne". The play, written by the famous Kazakh playwright Roza Mukanova, is dedicated to children who were victims of nuclear tests conducted at the Semey test site from 1949 to 1989.

In the evening of July 4 in the hall of the Puppet Theater of Astana the ceremony of awarding participants and the closing ceremony of the International Festival "Kuralai" will be held.

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