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Kazakh PM visits industrial facilities in Aktobe region

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On the instructions of the Head of State, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev is on a working trip to the Aktobe region. The goal is to familiarize with the implementation of the President's Addresses “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness”, “New Opportunities Under the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Five Social Initiatives, as well as state and sectoral programs.

The working trip began with a visit to industrial enterprises of the Mugalzhar district, namely, familiarization with the development of the Zhanazhol rotation village. At the gas processing plant, the Prime Minister was shown an automated process for natural associated gas production, here the breadboard versions for the construction of the Altyn Ex mining and processing enterprise in the village of Altyndy and the Gas Processing Company LLP in Zhanatan were presented.

Bakytzhan Sagintayev got acquainted with the work of the gas processing plant of JSC CNPC-Aktobemunaigas, which is one of the most important objects of the regional economy and is included in the regional Industrialization Map. The project is implemented at the Zhanazhol field and specializes in oil treatment and cleaning of associated petroleum gas from hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans, with the recovery of hydrogen sulfide into sulfur, and the production of liquefied gas.

The head of the complex B. Tasmagambetov said that the plant is fully automated. The produced commodity gas flows through the main gas pipeline Beineu – Bozoy – Shymkent to the southern regions, thereby making a special contribution to the country's gas supply within the framework of the Five Social Initiatives of the President.

At present, the volume of production is: gas — 6.5 billion m3; oil — 3.84 million tons; liquefied gas — 550 thousand tons.

At the same time, the Deputy Akim of the Region Kairat Bekenov reported to the Prime Minister that taking into account the existing potential, the task is to build a petrochemical plant that will give an additional impetus to the development of the sector both in the Aktobe region and in the whole Kazakhstan.

Aktobe region is a large industrial region. The world leader on chrome reserves, its amount reaches 400 million tons. On the territory of the region, 30% of the prognosed amount of raw hydrocarbon deposits are located, it takes third place in the country on commercial oil reserves. There are also large deposits of gold, silver, copper, zinc, cobalt, kaolin, phosphorites, bituminous rocks, raw materials for the production of building materials.

At the same time, Sagintayev was presented a project for the construction of Altyn Ex mining and metallurgical plant in Altyndy. The company is currently developing the Yubileynoye field, one of the largest deposits of gold-bearing ores in the country. Also, according to the founder of the enterprise, E. Dostybaev, the construction of the plant will increase productivity, and process the poor ore with the release of Dore bar — alloy of gold and silver.

The new production will use modern technologies and advanced high-performance equipment. The annual production capacity will amount to five million tons of gold-bearing ore per year. This will allow the plant to take the second place in processing gold-bearing ores in Kazakhstan and increase the percentage share of our country in world gold production. Completion of the construction is planned by 2020. With the commissioning of production, 800 new jobs will be created.

The Prime Minister was also shown a project for the construction of an integrated gas treatment unit at the Kozhasay deposit in the Baiganinsky district, which is being implemented by Gas Processing Company LLP. The Project Manager B. Saktaganov said that the new plant will allow increasing the processing of associated gas and mastering the production of new types of products. The annual capacity will be 300 million cubic meters of dry stripped gas, 37,000 tons of propane-butane technical mixture, 5,400 tons of gas condensate and 10,500 tons of sulfur.

"The installation will improve the ecology in the region. Since the associated gas will not be burned through a torch. The completion of the complex gas treatment unit is scheduled for this year. For the period of operation, 258 workplaces will be created," Saktaganov informed.

In the GRP structure, the share of industry is 36.5%, agriculture — 4.8%, construction — 5.8%, trade — 16.8%, transports and storage — 9.1%, information and communications — 0.7%, real estate operations — 7.1%, others — 19.2%.

In the city of Aktobe, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, on the example of the Nur Aktobe micro district, got acquainted with the development of housing construction under the programs Nurly Zher and 7-20-25 — a new mortgage program within the Five Social Initiatives.

During the inspection of the facilities, the Deputy Akim of the Aktobe Region Berdybek Saparbayev reported that the region’s construction industry has a high potential.

"Today there are more than 130 construction companies, they are fully provided with local labor and construction personnel, there are 39 deposits of minerals used in the construction sector. Thanks to this, we managed to provide 85% of the market with our own building materials. In the current year, we plan to allocate 15,000 land plots, of which 11,000 are near Aktobe," Saparbayev said.

According to the deputy akim, with the support of the Government, the construction of prefabricated credit houses under the Nurly Zher housing program has been successfully implemented for the second year. More than 2300 apartments were commissioned in 2017. In 2018 it is planned to build 36 low-rise and 6 nine-storeyed credit houses or more than 2500 apartments with a total area of 158 thousand m2. In addition, thanks to the adoption of the new mortgage program 7-20-25, all categories of the population will have the opportunity to purchase primary housing under more flexible conditions.

According to the preliminary data of the Committee on Statistics, in the first half of the year in the Republic of Kazakhstan, 513.3 billion tenge of investment was channeled for all sources of financing for housing construction or 128.4% of the total for the same period in 2017. 5.8 million m2 of residential buildings were put into operation, which is 104.8% compared to the same period last year. A total of 49,667 dwellings were commissioned in the republic, of which 20,532 are individual houses.

The next object of the visit was the Energy Efficiency Center, where the Prime Minister got acquainted with the implementation of the Digital Kazakhstan state program in the region and the tenth task of the President's Address "New Opportunities under the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

It should be noted that in the Address, the Head of State instructed to build “smart cities for the smart nation." As indicated by the President, smart cities will become locomotives for regional development, the spread of innovation and the improvement of the quality of life throughout the country. Aktobe is one of the five cities in the country where the Smart City breakthrough project is being implemented. The introduction of new technologies will effectively solve the problems of growing cities and increase their attractiveness for investors.

During the inspection of the building of the Center, which is at the completion stage, Bakytzhan Sagintayev was presented with the work of the city’s operations service, the center of operational control of the Department of Internal Affairs, smart housing and communal services, the geoportal and the people's chancery. All these services are components of the Smart City project and will be housed in the Energy Efficiency Center. The goal is to save all public services that are provided to residents. The first in the trial mode to the Center was connected to the house No. 4 of the Kargaly residential complex of the Nur Aktobe micro district. Gradually other objects will be connected with the Center.

After the inspection of the object, Akim of Aktobe, Ilyas Ispanov reported to the Prime Minister on the progress of the Smart City project, which is planned to be implemented by 2020 in the framework of Digital Kazakhstan in six areas: safe city, smart housing and communal services, education, medicine , intellectual transport system and electronic akimat. In addition, to date, work is underway to create hardware and software complex Safe City.

"This year it is planned to install 140 public security cameras, 15 systems of photographic fixation of linear sections, 14 intelligent crossroads. In the future, the Safe City will allow to unite all available cameras, as well as provide integration of the cameras of other organizations and private businesses," Ispanov noted.

In his turn, the Deputy Akim of the region Bekenov spoke about the implementation of the Digital Kazakhstan state program in the spheres of industry, agriculture, education, health.

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