17 July, 2018

Kazakhstanis to get access to publicly funded single package of free medical service

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July 17 at the press conference following the results of the Government meeting, Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov spoke about the formation of the list of Guaranteed Amount of Free Medical Care and the package of medical services in the system of Compulsory Social Health Insurance, reports primeminister,kz.

According to Birtanov, for the execution of the Head of State N. Nazarbayev’s instruction given in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan "New Opportunities under of the Fourth Industrial Revolution," the Ministry of Healthcare, in cooperation with the interested state bodies, developed new approaches to the formation of the list of guaranteed medical service and the package of medical assistance in the system of Compulsory Social Health Insurance.

"This year we revised the approaches to the formation of guaranteed medical care and a CSHI package. Its essence is that a single package of free medical service will be available for all citizens of Kazakhstan, permanent foreign residents, also for oralmans at the expense of the state. All services not included in the guaranteed medical care will be available to citizens who become participants of Compulsory Social Health Insurance, that is, free services beyond the guaranteed volume will be included in the CSHI package," the minister said.

According to him, a new model of guaranteed medical service will start simultaneously with the introduction of the CSHI system in 2020. Under the new model, clear boundaries of the state's guaranteed medical service obligations will be defined and the further policy support aimed at the prevention and priority development of primary health care will be defined.

Guaranteed Amount of Free Medical Care for all categories of citizens includes first aid and sanitary aviation, primary health care, emergency inpatient and inpatient care, and palliative care (an approach that improves the quality of life of patients).

Guaranteed medical care is for persons with socially significant diseases, chronic diseases that are subject to dynamic monitoring include consultative and diagnostic assistance, outpatient drug provision, planned inpatient and inpatient care, and medical rehabilitation for tuberculosis.

The CSHI package (for insured) provides consultative and diagnostic service (preventive examination of healthy adults, specialized examinations of children, expensive laboratory services: hormones, vitamins, oncomarkers, antigens, Polymeraze Chain Reaction diagnostics, expensive diagnostic services: computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, etc.), outpatient drug support in case of diseases, hospital-assisted care, planned inpatient care, in case of diseases, in addition to guaranteed medical care, medical rehabilitation for adults and children by profiles: cardiology, cardiosurgery, neurology, neurosurgery, traumatology and orthopedics.

In guaranteed medical care, the service will be provided to every person in emergency situations, as well as for diseases of great importance for the whole society.

"Our goal is to maintain the principle of social justice and minimum social guarantees, so the main difference in the new guaranteed medical service model is that all citizens of Kazakhstan, insured or not, will have access to basic medical services necessary to preserve the quality of life and health. Namely, this is a full free provision of health care, that is, citizens of Kazakhstan can select their local doctor and receive services at their place of residence through guaranteed healthcare system," Birtanov said.

In addition, as the minister specified, the package includes some types of examination of consultative and diagnostic services for major chronic diseases, which require dynamic observation and closer attention of doctors.

"This is important, because such diseases as diabetes, oncology, tuberculosis and many others will be under the full supervision of general practitioners, as well as narrow specialists will be able to provide their assistance free of charge. The package also includes all emergency assistance: these are emergency calls, sanitary aviation, as well as inpatient treatment in hospitals with emergency indications," Birtanov noted.

Along with this, the new model of guaranteed service includes scheduled medical care for socially significant diseases and diseases requiring dynamic attention.

"For the insured people we provide the access to free preventive examinations, that is, a person can undergo a preventive examination and sanatorium treatment, that is, medical rehabilitation. Unfortunately, in the current model, we cannot reach everyone, but within the CSHI, such services will be provided," he said.

In conclusion, the minister noted that the new package of guaranteed amount of free medical assistance was specified, but all minimum social standards will be preserved.

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