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Over the year, Social Health Insurance Fund received more than 80.6 billion tenge — Elena Bakhmutova

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The total amount of contributions of employers and individual entrepreneurs to the Compulsory Social Health Insurance from 1.07.2017 to 1.07.2018 amounted to more than 80.6 billion tenge. This was reported by Elena Bakhmutova, the chairman of the board of Fund for Social Health Insurance NJSC at the press conference in the Government.

Bakhmutova noted that 72.1 billion tenge (about 89.5%) account for employer contributions, 8.5 billion tenge (about 10.5%) — on individual entrepreneurs and individuals working under civil law contracts.

In the context of the regions, the largest sums come from the cities of Almaty and Astana, as well as from the Karaganda region.

"One year has passed since the beginning of the system of payments to the Social Health Insurance Fund, and if we take the period from 1.07.2017 to 1.07.2018, the amount of revenues exceeded 80.6 billion tenge. The number of participants for whom contributions were received amounted to 5.952 million people, including 5.535 million hired workers," Bakhmutova said.

According to her, the fund carries out its activities on the principles of the balance of income and expenses, which means that the package of social health insurance will be ordered in advance, within the limits of those revenues that are received annually into the fund.

"Currently, the Fund is the operator of programs of guaranteed free medical care and places an order, interacts with suppliers through transfers of the republican budget, which are allocated to the guaranteed amount of free medical care. Today this amount is 924 billion tenge," she said.

Bakhmutova clarified that the Fund is not a storage system, all funds received during the year will be sent to purchase medical services.

"In order to become a system participant, it is necessary to pay the stipulated contribution and deductions. This gives you the right to receive the package, no matter how much you paid, in any case you become a member of the system and acquire equal rights to receive medical assistance," she assured.

It should be noted that all funds received by the Compulsory Social Health Insurance are kept in the National Bank, with which a trust management agreement has been concluded, and will subsequently be directed to pay for services rendered through the CSHI. Provision of medical services under the CSHI package, according to the current legislation, will begin in 2020.

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