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85% of graduates overcome the UNT’s threshold level — MES

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August 7 at the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev reported on the results of the Unified National Testing and the entrance examinations.

As the minister noted, this year the testing was held for the 15th time. In total, since 2004, 1,775 million graduates passed the UNT. This is 80% of their total number. Until last year, UNT performed two functions: the school graduation final exam, and the entrance examination to the university.

"As you know, this format of testing was changed in 2017. Final certification or final examination is conducted in schools, and UNT was only an entrance exam for selection in universities," said Sagadiyev.

Since 2017 the assignment of Altyn Belgi order is carried out by the school itself. In the current year, more than 6,800 people became holders of the Altyn Belgi.

In order to improve the testing procedures for entrants this year, innovations were introduced.

First, each graduate, along with the UNT certificate, was given an information sheet. In it, in accordance with the profile, a list of specialties, the number of grants allocated for each specialty, as well as passing scores of the last year's grant competition was presented. All the important and necessary information is brought to each graduate.

Second, graduates who did not participate in the UNT for a reasonable excuse were given the opportunity to pass the exam in the next stream or as part of a comprehensive testing

Third, during the reception period, a single call center has been launched.

As Sagadiyev noted, applications for participation in the UNT were filed by more than 100,000 people. Of these, 75% are in the Kazakh language and 25% are in the Russian language. Accordingly, by decision of the commission, 75% of grants are allocated for training in the Kazakh language and 25% — in Russian.

Over 98,000 people passed the UNT. By results, the average score was 83. Last year, this indicator was at the level of 80.5 points. Nearly 84,000 graduates overcame the threshold level, which is 85% of the total number of participants.

Also, 51 graduates with special educational needs participated in the UNT. They were provided with separate audiences, assistants, as well as experts with sign language.

The highest score on UNT this year was scored by one graduate — Almaty resident Shiara Kudaibergenova answered correctly all 140 questions.

The minister reminded that in recent years the rating of schools on the results of testing is not conducted.

In total there were about 30,000 test tasks in the UNT 2018. 243 appeals were received, of which 101 were satisfied.

According to the minister, the Republican headquarters was created for the period of UNT. It included representatives of the ministries of education and science, health, and internal affairs.

"This year more than 82,000 prohibited items were taken away during the testing, including more than 54,000 mobile smartphones, routers, modems and more than 28,000 — on paper. Such facts are encountered annually. Control in this direction will be strengthened further," Sagadiyev reported.

About 1,200 lecture halls were involved during the UNT, of which 90% were equipped with an online broadcast. This indicator was increased threefold compared to 2018. In addition, the testing centers were equipped with 4G mobile signal suppressors, metal detectors.

Also, the local executive bodies organized food and waiting places for parents, transport — for graduates of villages, medical staff were on duty at UNT sites.

As for complex testing, it was conducted from July 14 to 18 at 48 higher educational institutions. Applications for participation in CT were filed by more than 45,000 people. 42,700 people or 93.2% of the total number of applicants actually participated in the testing. The threshold level was overcome by 56.4%.

At present, the republican commission for awarding state educational grants has completed its work. The results of the competition are published in the media.

"This year, in addition to state educational grants, about 2,700 grants have been allocated from local executive bodies. The regulatory framework is ready. These grants will be distributed before the end of the month," Sagadiyev informed.

In addition, it was noted that for people who did not pass the UNT and CT and did not overcome the threshold, will be retested in the period from 15 to 19 August. In case of not overcoming the threshold level on this test, the possibility of enrolling in the university for the first semester remains.

Summing up the consideration of the issue, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that in general, this year’s UNT have been carried out smoothly. The Ministry of Education and Science, and akimats have done a huge work. The Prime Minister instructed Yerlan Sagadiyev to hold the complex testing on August 15-19 at the same high level.

It was also instructed to pay a special attention to the proposals of pedagogical community and parents, and revise the approached to the preparation for testing the next year.

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