14 August, 2018

About 5.5 million tons of coal shipped to households and population — Roman Sklyar

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August 14 at a press conference in the press center of the Government, First Vice Minister for Investments and Development Roman Sklyar and Acting Chairman of the Board – General Director of JSC "KTZh-Cargo Transportation" Kairat Saurbayev told about the volumes of extraction and work on the timely transportation of coal.

According to the Ministry of Energy, last year coal mining companies produced 106.7 million tons of coal, which is 8.3% or 8.2 million tons more than in 2016 (98.5 million tons). According to operative data, for the 7 months of 2018, 60 million tons have already been produced, which is 103.9% against the same period 2017 (59.7 million tons).

"Power plants of Kazakhstan shipped 32.4 million tons of coal, which is 102.5% compared to the same period last year (31.6 million tons). For public utilities and the population, 5.44 million tons were shipped, which is 100% compared to the same period 2017 (5.3 million tons)," Sklyar said, noting that 15.5 million tons were exported in seven months.

In addition, for today, the Ministry of Energy, at the request of local executive bodies, has formed a planned demand for coal products for domestic needs and the population for the period 2018/19. June 20 this plan was discussed with the local executive bodies, coal mining enterprises and NC KTZh at a conference call on preparation for the heating season.

Schedules of coal shipments for public utility purposes and the population of Bogatyr Komir LLP, Maikuben West LLP, Saryarka Energy LLP and Karazhira JSC generally correspond to the above plan. Shubarkol Komir JSC shipped traders on demand, who independently find buyers and determine the territory of sales.

Acting Chairman of the Board – General Director of JSC "KTZH-Cargo Transportation" Kairat Saurbayev spoke about the company's plans to transport coal, as well as readiness for the heating season 2018/19. Thus, according to the results of production activities, over 56 million tons of coal were shipped for seven months by KTZh, which corresponds to volume indicators of the level of the previous year. At the same time, more than 34.4 million tons were transported in the domestic communication. 4.5 million tons of coal were transported for domestic needs of the consumers.

To date, the country's main carrier has a sufficient number of rolling stock to meet the requirements of the declared volumes of traffic. Currently KTZh includes 54,000 gondola cars of different owners, 51% or 27,260 open wagons in the park "Kaztemirtrans", which is 4,000 units more compared to 2017.

In particular, 29,000 gondola cars are involved in the transportation of coal: 15,000 open wagons operated by KTZ Express and 14,000 other owners, including about 9,000 open-top wagons for the transportation of domestic coal.

"In order to exclude the cases of a shortage of rolling stock with the provision of coal transportation, behind the coal cuts the fleet of wagons operated by the subsidiary company KTZ Express was fixed. So, behind the Shubarkol-Komir section 3,000 gondola cars are fixed, Karazhira ­ — 2,300, more than 2,000 gondola cars participate in transportation from the Bogatyr-Komir section,” Saurbayev informed.

In addition, the control over the effective use of open wagons, both in traffic, and at the initial and final operations, is established.

Since the beginning of preparation for the heating season 2018/19, communal and domestic coal has been loaded and transported to Astana for 60,400 tons. Including 27,400 tons shipped from the Shubarkol-Komir section.

According to Saurbayev, in order to distribute the coal transportation volumes and reduce the load for the autumn-winter period during the year, the company initiated meetings with regional akimats with participation of representatives of coal mines. As a result of these meetings regional akimats and coal mines committed to redistribute the volume of coal shipments, the company for its part made commitments to provide a sufficient number of wagons.

In order to coordinate further actions, August 8, the meeting with the shippers of coal was held, where the volumes of traffic for the autumn-winter period were discussed, as well as the existing problematic issues. Following the meeting with the shippers, the protocol signed the intention to carry out the traffic volumes until the end of this year.

Recall that also the headquarters for the transportation of coal, organized daily monitoring to ensure the applications of shippers and to monitor the remaining stock of solid fuels in the warehouses of TPP and HPP and the availability of coal from the public.

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