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Fourth expedition of Uly Dala Eline Sayahat project started on Sary-Arka route

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The fourth expedition of the project "Uly Dala Eline Sayahat" started August 20 on the route "Sary-Arka," it is dedicated to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan — Astana.

Sary-Arka expedition will last until September 4. Within 16 days, the team members will travel 4,595 km along the most interesting places of Akmola, Pavlodar, Karaganda and North-Kazakhstan regions. Among the participants of the expedition, there are travelers, television journalists and representatives of tour operators, foreign and Kazakhstan travel bloggers.

The participants will go from Astana to the Buyratau national park, located on the territory of the Ereymentau district of Akmola and Osakarovsky district of Karaganda region. Then the expedition team will visit the Bayanaul National Park in Pavlodar region, the Karkaraly National National Park, the Kokshetau State National Natural Park and the Kurgaldzhinsky State Nature Reserve.

As the head of the expedition, the manager of the department of international and scientific projects QazaqGeography Nurzhan Algashov noted, several works will be done on the results of the expedition. First of all, problematic issues will be identified from the point of view of tourism development, on the basis of which proposals will be prepared for their solution, new routes for tourists will be created, illustrated guidebooks and photo and video databases will be created.

"We are very pleased to participate in this large-scale project within the country. We hope that everything will go perfectly, and in these 16 days we will tell you about all the beautiful places in Kazakhstan. We will talk through social networks and television, so that every Kazakhstani and foreign guests can see our beauties. Each of these objects has its own unique atmosphere. For example, Lake Tengiz, located in the Korgalzhyn Reserve, in 2000 entered the international network ‘Living Lakes,’ which includes the world's most unique lakes," said Algashov.

In general, the Uly Dala project covers six routes on the most important tourist clusters of the country, as well as 11 regions: "Pearls of the Tien Shan", "Altai — the cradle of civilization", "Dzungarian Alatau", "Sary-Arka", "From Sea to Sea" and "New Silk Road." Routes are planned taking into account the coverage of the maximum number of natural and sacral sites, interesting for the development of tourism. The routes "From Sea to Sea" through the territories of Kyzylorda, Aktobe and Mangistau regions, and the "New Silk Road" through the territories of Turkestan, Zhambyl and Almaty regions, where the team of the National Geographic Russia channel will join the Kazakh participants, will become the fifth and sixth.

Kazakh Tourism National Company was established by the Government of Kazakhstan in July 2017. The main tasks are promotion of the country's tourism potential abroad, and attraction of investments in the tourist industry of Kazakhstan.

QazaqGeography operates in five areas: geography, climate; environment, natural resources; biodiversity; tourism, travel, local history; historical and cultural heritage, ethnography. At present there are 11 representative offices in Kazakhstan.

The expedition of the Sary-Arka route, organized by Kazakh Tourism under the order of the tourism industry committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is implemented by QazaqGeography within the framework of the memorandum on mutual cooperation with Kazakh Tourism.

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