Government • 20 August, 2018

Bakytzhan Sagintayev gets acquainted with progress of relocation of state bodies from Shymkent to Turkestan

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August 20 on the instructions of the Head of the State, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev arrived with a working trip to the Turkestan region to get familiarized with the relocation progress of state bodies, reports

June 19, 2018, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a historic decree according to which the South Kazakhstan region was renamed Turkestan region, and the city of Turkestan was approved as the regional center. The administration of the region has been actively moving the administrative center for two months.

Within the framework of the working trip, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited a number of facilities, where state bodies are currently located. Also, meetings are planned on the redeployment of state agencies in Turkestan and the development of Shymkent.

Sagintayev started a working trip from the city of Turkestan. Here he visited the existing communal buildings and commercial facilities, which for the period of construction of administrative premises (until 2020) will be used to accommodate government agencies.

During the inspection, the Prime Minister was informed that the relocation was proceeding according to the approved plan. Twenty-two out of 27 local executive bodies had moved, while representatives of 14 territorial agencies already provide services in Turkestan. Next year, it is planned to complete the relocation of all departments: akimat of the region, 24 branch administrations, maslikhat apparatus, and commission. In addition, nine budget organizations will be redeployed. At the first stage, 842 people move, the buildings have already been identified for them in the city, work is underway to provide the necessary communications. For public servants without housing, places in dormitories have been prepared.

Turkestan region was established 10.03.1932 as the South-Kazak region, the name of which was changed to South-Kazakhstan in 1936. From 03.05.1962 to 06.06.1992 the region was called Shymkent, and in 1992 the region was returned to the name South Kazakhstan. June 19, 2013, by the presidential decree, the region was renamed as Turkestan, and its administrative center was transferred to Turkestan city; Shymkent was withdrawn from the region, having received the status of a city of republican significance. The area of the region is 116,280 km² (4.3% of the country's territory). The distance between the most northern and southern sections along a straight line is 600 km.

The volume of industrial production in the region in January-July amounted to 250.7 billion tenge. Investments in fixed assets — 118.5 billion tenge, which is 5.1% more than the corresponding period of 2017.

In the building of the boarding school ten territorial bodies are placed, this is the so-called "House of Departments." At the same time, the first deputy akim of the region K. Nukenov reported that in the region a set of measures is being taken to develop the infrastructure of the education system. In 2018, at the expense of the republican budget, construction of 16 educational facilities for 4.4 billion tenge is envisaged, as well as the construction of hostels and the equipping of colleges at the expense of public-private partnership.

Also the buildings of the former Amina clinic were visited, where eight local executive bodies moved, and the entertainment complex Versailles, intended for five state bodies. Taking this opportunity, the deputy akim of the Turkestan region E. Sadyr reported that in total in the region, 96 hospital and 263 ambulatory polyclinic organizations render medical assistance. Also, work is underway on the construction of new health facilities: under the project "100 schools, 100 hospitals" three objects are ready, 57 objects worth 4.8 billion tenge were built for the project "350 medical outpatient clinics, obstetrical stations and polyclinics."

Bakytzhan Sagintayev familiarized himself with the accommodation conditions of the apparatus of akim and maslikhat of the Turkestan region during the examination of the historical and cultural ethnographic center. It should be noted that to date there are 688 institutions of culture and art in the region: 390 libraries, 249 cultural centers, 25 museums, etc.

In the regional museum, the presentation of the draft concepts of the General Plan of the city development took place. In accordance with the Decree of the President, an open international contest for the best Concept of development of Turkestan as a cultural and spiritual center of the Turkic world was announced. In order to organize and conduct the competition, a government commission has been established and is functioning. So, from July 11 to August 11, 35 domestic, 7 foreign architects and town planners from Turkey, South Korea, Uzbekistan, etc. took part in the competition. The exhibition of the presented projects takes place in Turkestan from August 17 to August 20. During the same period, the members of the commission should determine the best concept of the master plan.

Recall, Sagintayev makes a series of working trips to the regions on behalf of the Head of State. Earlier trips to Atyrau, Karaganda, Kostanay, Kyzylorda, Mangistau, South Kazakhstan, Akmola, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan regions were held.

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