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Preparation for heating season under constant control — Zhenis Kassymbek

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At the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbayev and Minister for Investments and Development Zhenis Kassymbek reported on the course of preparation for the heating season, reports

According to the Ministry of Energy, in general, the preparation of energy enterprises for the autumn-winter period is organized in accordance with the developed schedules.

"With a view to the stable passage of the heating season in 2018/19, jointly with the Ministry for Investments and Development, a joint staff was set up to monitor the preparation, passage of the heating season, coal supply to power stations, the public utility sector and the population. The Staff consisted of the responsible persons of the ministries and akimats. A week ago, a conference meeting with regions was held to review and take action on problem issues," Bozumbayev reported.

According to Bozumbayev, to date, four power units, which is 50% of the annual volume, 20 boilers or 36% of the annual volume and 20 turbines or 44% of the annual volume have been repaired. At different stages of repair work is carried out on four power units, 31 boilers and 25 turbines.

Over 21,000 km of transmission lines have been repaired on electric networks, which is 75% of the plan for 2018 and 497 substations, which is 77% of the plan. 413 out of 568 boiler houses in the district heating district have been repaired. Along with this, a coal reserve of 2.8 million tons and 81,000 tons of fuel oil was created at power plants.

"Nearly 979,000 tons of coal, or 66% of the plan and 32,000 tons of fuel oil, were accumulated in the district heating supply zone, which is 22% of the plan," Bozumbayev said.

The energy minister also said that the winter maximum load is planned at 14,800 MW, which is 185 MW more than the level of 2017.

In his turn, the Minister for Investments and Development Zhenis Kassymbek said that for seven months 60 million tons of coal were produced, which is 103.9% compared to the same period last year or 2.3 million tons more. According to the ministry, within the framework of the established Staff, monitoring is conducted on a daily basis for the preparation and passage of the autumn-winter period and for the accumulation of the standard fuel stock in the country's power plants.

"The general need for coal supply throughout the country for public utilities and budget organizations, as well as for the population for the period 2018-2019 reached 9.8 million tons, of which 2.3 million tons — for municipal utilities and budget organizations 7.5 million tons — for the needs of the population," Kassymbek explained.

At the same time, this year, from the beginning of preparation for the heating season (from May 1 to August 16), 18,621,200 tons of coal were transported by rail, which is 753,900 tons more (by 4.2%) compared with the same period in 2017.

"Of the 18.6 million tons of coal transported for municipal services, 2.8 million tons, or 600,000 tons of the same period in 2017, account for 91% of the coal shipment in the country. To date, about 9,000 gondola cars of the Kazakhstan Temir Zholy park are involved in transportation. In the event of an increase in the volume of transportation, an additional fleet will be attracted in the amount of up to 1,000 own wagons and, if necessary, other railcars. etc.," Kassymbek assured, noting that the ministry together with the NC KTZh is working to ensure the loading of coal in the domestic communication.

In addition, in the preparation of housing and communal services for the heating season, approved the Work Plan for 2018-2019. According to it, regional akimats, the cities of Astana and Almaty, by September 1 should provide 100% readiness of the education facilities, by October 15, complete the preparation of all facilities, including autonomous boiler-houses and utility networks, and provide all the autonomous heat sources with a regulatory fuel reserve.

"For the current period, according to information provided by local executive bodies, 10,232 educational facilities or 94% of the plan have been prepared. It was planned to prepare 6,298 objects for health facilities, of which 5,971 or 95% were prepared. Of the 45,503 residential buildings planned for repair, 35,551 or 79% have been prepared," Kassymbek noted.

The akimats are planning to repair 10,558 autonomous boiler-houses, of which 9,521 boiler houses (91%) have been prepared. Regarding the preparation of water supply networks, according to the plan 5,661.8 km, 4,394.5 km of water supply networks were repaired or 78%. The need for fuel for autonomous boiler houses for the upcoming heating season is 1,852,000 tons of coal and 168,000 tons of fuel oil.

"In general, the preparation for the heating season is in accordance with the approved plans and is under constant control. Taking into account that by the beginning of the heating season it is necessary to complete all housing and communal services and social facilities, as well as provide autonomous heat sources to the regulatory fuel stock, the akimats of the regions, Astana and Almaty, keep the issues of preparation for the heating season on constant control," said Kassymbek.

Akims of the regions: Akmola M. Murzalin, Aktobe — B. Saparbayev, Kostanay — A. Mukhambetov, Pavlodar — B. Bakauov, North Kazakhstan — K. Aksakalov, Astana Akim A. Issekeshev, and the deputies akim of the East Kazakhstan region E. Aimukashev, Karaganda region — A. Aidarov reported on the readiness for the heating season in the regions.

Based on the results of the consideration of the issue, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that in general the preparations for the heating season are in progress, but the pace must be increased.

"I want to remind the akims that you are responsible for the timely and qualitative preparation of the objects of heat and power supply, social services and housing. I pay special attention to the situation of providing consumers with commodity-domestic coal, including the population," Sagintayev said.

The government took all necessary measures to ensure the uninterrupted supply of the domestic market with coal. The issues on the shortage of rolling stock have also been resolved. Problems on the shipment of coal to date are not available.

"The issues of timely provision of the population with necessary quantities of high-quality commercial coal and pricing for it are in the zone of responsibility of regional governors. In order to prevent a similar situation in the past season in the domestic coal market, regional akims need to check the current condition of the coal supply and sale infrastructure, supply schedules, the validity of prices and the quality of the coal sold, within two weeks, in accordance with the established procedure. If necessary, involve relevant territorial subdivisions of central state bodies and representatives of the Atameken NCE to this work," Sagintayev summarized.

The control is assigned to First Deputy Prime Minister Askar Mamin.

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