22 August, 2018

By the end of year, 72 new schools to be put into operation — Ministry of Education and Science

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At the briefing in the press center of the Government, Vice Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov explained how the problem of emergency and three-shift schools is being solved.

As the vice minister noted, this issue is from the category of those that are not solved immediately. The reasons for overcrowding in some of the republic's schools are demographic and migration trends. Every year there is a large influx of people into the megacities of our country. So, for example, in Astana in 2017, only children arrived more than 17,000 people, i.e. it turns out that last year it was necessary to build an additional minimum of 15 schools in Astana.

"We are building schools. Only this year, at the expense of the republican budget, 110 schools are being built. We plan that 72 schools will be put into operation before the end of this year," Aimagambetov informed.

Despite the fact that about 100-200 schools are being built annually in the country at the expense of the republican budget, the problem can not be fully solved. Up to now, there are 127 three-shift, 44 emergency schools in Kazakhstan. In this regard, the draft per capita financing is being introduced.

"The per capita financing system will stimulate the private sector to open and build new schools. Today the pilot has already begun. We see that private schools began to open," the vice minister said.

It was based on the positive experience of building pre-school institutions in Kazakhstan.

"Literally a few years ago, the coverage of preschool education in the country was about 60%. Today it is 93%. Such indicators were achieved thanks to the fact that the private sector was involved. The Head of State initiated the Balapan program. The work on public-private partnership was intensified. Of the 40,000 seats that were introduced only during these seven months, more than 30,000 places were created by private companies," the vice minister said.

Aimagambetov also drew attention to the fact that the state order will be placed in private schools. Parents, according to the vice minister, will not notice the difference. In any case, free secondary education will be provided.

Speaking about the number of teachers, Aimagambetov noted that in general, there are enough teachers in the country today. Particular attention is paid to the quality of teacher training. To date, the number of teachers in the country is 285,000 people. Annually, our universities produce 35,000 teachers. In 2018, 6,000 future teachers graduated from the state grant.

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