Government • 11 September, 2018

Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructs in a week to consider responsibility of officials for budget failure

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September 11 at the Government meeting Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, during the consideration of the country's social and economic development results and the execution of the republican budget for eight months of 2018, gave a number of specific instructions to central and local state bodies.

Having heard the reports of the ministers of national economy Timur Suleimenov, finance Bakhyt Sultanov, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev addressed the ministries where significant amounts of unexecuted budgets were formed. Thus, the amount of undeveloped funds in the Ministry of Defense allocated from the republican budget was 15.4 billion tenge, the Ministry of Culture and Sports — 11.1 billion tenge, the Ministry of Agriculture — 10.9 billion tenge, the Ministry of Internal Affairs — 9.5 billion tenge , The Ministry of Information and Communications — 5.7 billion tenge.

"These are very large amounts, this money can build so many schools, hospitals, kindergartens, repair roads. This money should be executed in a timely manner," the Prime Minister said, noting that undeveloped funds will be withdrawn from the balance of agencies and redirected to the implementation of state and industry programs in others.

Particular attention was paid to regions where unreachable indicators of economic growth are observed.

Akim of the Kyzylorda Region K. Kusherbayev said that for eight months of the year the funds from the republican budget were mastered by 90%, 2.9 billion tenge were not spent.

Akim of the Turkestan Region Zh. Tuimebayev reported on the undeveloped target transfers allocated from the republican budget in the amount of 1.9 billion tenge.

Akim of the West Kazakhstan region A. Kulginov noted that since the beginning of the year a stable negative value for industry has been observed. Since June, its negative value has been growing. The amount of non-acquisition of targeted transfers allocated from the republican budget amounted to 1.4 billion tenge.

Akim of Pavlodar region B. Bakauov reported that the amount of non-acquisition of targeted transfers in the region amounted to 1.3 billion tenge.

Akim of the North Kazakhstan Region K. Aksakalov reported that the number of SMEs with a turnover of more than 2 million tenge was 10,887 units or 38% (in the region as of July 1, there are 28,390 SMEs in total) from the total operating SME in the region, which is more than the republic-wide values by 9.9%. At the same time, the amount of non-acquisition of targeted transfers allocated from the republican budget is 1.3 billion tenge.

The sum of the lack of development in the Zhambyl region, as reported by Akim A. Myrzakhmetov, amounted to 1.1 billion tenge.

Summing up the consideration of this issue, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed the akims to analyze the current situation, to consider the responsibility of executives who failed to achieve the targets of economic growth.

"The Head of State sets the task of ensuring growth of not less than 4%. However, according to statistical data, by the results of 8 months the growth was 3.8%. As Timur Muratovich (Suleimenov) noted in his report that in order to achieve growth of 4% by the end of the year, we need to ensure a monthly average growth of more than 4%. There is a lot of work to do,” said Sagintayev, noting that, as reported by the First Deputy Prime Minister Askar Mamin, “the work stopped in August because of holidays or some other reasons. In simple terms, we have relaxed."

It should be noted that, according to the data of the Ministry of National Economy, the decline in the country's economic growth is also due to external pressures and turbulence.

"If you take into account external and internal factors, it still does not solve the problem. We have all the opportunities to implement the President's instructions and finish the year safely. Therefore, I charge you responsibly on this issue. I instruct the akims to conduct a debriefing, to consider the responsibility of the executives who have failed to reach the indicators. Information on the measures taken and disciplinary measures to be submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister within a week," the Prime Minister said.

The Ministry of National Economy, together with the interested state bodies and the Prime Minister's Office, will prepare by the end of September a meeting with the participation of regions, banks, business, quasi-public sector.

"The main issue is the analysis of the implementation of the President's instructions. Specifically, the instructions given in the speech at the opening of the session, as well as on the Five Social Initiatives of the Head of State. Timur Muratovich, a detailed analysis is needed on the quality of execution of instructions, identifying bottlenecks and mechanisms for their solution," the Prime Minister summed up.

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