18 September, 2018

Terms of harvesting campaign’s completion and grain quality: Ministry of Agriculture answers questions from media

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Because of the rainy and damp weather in the grain-growing regions almost from the beginning of the sowing campaign, agronomists feared for the quality of the new crop. However, today at the press conference following the meeting of the Government, First Vice Minister of Agriculture Arman Yevniev told reporters that the quality parameters of grain are not bad.

According to Yevniev, despite unfavorable weather conditions since the beginning of the sowing campaign, harvesting works are continuing.

"The average rate for today is 800,000 ha per day. The remaining 6 million hectares require about 10 days. This is in view of the fact that there will be no rain. The backlog from last year is about 3 million hectares. Before October 1, there is an opportunity to finish. If there are any precipitation, the cleaning will be completed in the first ten days of October," Yevniev informed.

The vice minister assured that the frosts at this stage will not have a negative impact on the harvesting campaign.

"If there is no precipitation in the form of rain, then frosts at this stage are not terrible, because the grain is formed," Yevniev said, noting the good quality of the grain.

Answering the question about the favorable period for the sale of grain by farmers, the vice minister noted that after the new year, as a rule, grain prices are expected to grow, which allows selling it more than just after harvesting.

"We can only recommend, give information — it is in open sources. It is necessary to look, what happens in the world grain markets? There is an annual trend, when during harvesting, before the end of the calendar year there is always a decline, but as a rule, after a new year, there is a surge in price. Therefore, a reasonable way here is to sell the volume necessary to close priority needs, that is, some debts for taxes, wages, etc., but leave the main implementation for a later period. We give such recommendations," Yevniev said.

On the other hand, as the vice minister noted, now the conjuncture of prices is favorable.

"In many countries there is a crop failure. And our neighbors — the Russian Federation, and European grain producers are experiencing a very serious decline in gross harvest," said Arman Yevniev, stressing the potential for the sell of domestic agricultural products.

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