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Government approves draft State Program for Development of Regions until 2020

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At a meeting of the Government chaired by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the implementation of the Program for the Development of Regions until 2020 has been reviewed and approaches to reformatting the current government program into the State Program have been approved with the actualization of its tasks and target indicators, reports primeminister.kz.

The regional development program until 2020 was adopted in 2014 in order to optimize the existing sectoral programs. Thus, the provisions of the programs Development of Regions, Development of Mono-cities, Akbulak, Modernization of Housing and Communal Services, Affordable Housing - 2020, as well as a draft program for the development of small towns were integrated. The goal of the Program is to create conditions for the development of the socio-economic potential of the regions through the formation of a rational territorial organization of the country, stimulating the concentration of population and capital in the centers of economic growth. Within the framework of the Program, the issues of improving the quality of life of the population, regardless of their place of residence, through the development of the life support infrastructure, as well as creating conditions for stimulating the concentration of population and capital in the centers of economic growth, were addressed as a matter of priority.

The program for the development of the regions determines the solution of four tasks:

  • investment priorities for each macro-region,
  • improvement of the country's territorial development,
  • modernization of engineering infrastructure and housing and communal services,
  • effective and rational provision of the population with drinking water and sanitation services.

Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov reported that all target indicators of the Program are being implemented.

"At the end of 2017, the total population of four agglomerations increased by 460,100 people compared to 2015 and amounted to 6.6 million people with a forecast of 6.2 million people under the Program. There is an outstripping growth in the population of agglomerations this year," Suleimenov said.

Regarding the second indicator, the volume of investments in fixed capital per capita, according to the ministry, planned values ​​were fulfilled, which were adjusted annually depending on the volume of allocated funds. On the third indicator, the share of modernized heat, electricity and gas supply networks in 2015 was 4% on average in the republic, 2.16% in 2016, and 2.8% in 2017. In 2017, 11,581 km of heat, electricity, gas, water and wastewater networks were modernized and constructed.

The fourth indicator is access to centralized water supply and sanitation networks. In 2017 access to centralized water supply in cities amounted to 93.8% (with a plan of 90%), which is more by 6.8% of the value of 2015. In villages — 57.4%, up 3.5% At the same time, the actual provision of rural population with centralized water supply in 2017 is 80.7%. Access to centralized water disposal, in turn, in cities was 88%, which is more by 6% of the value of 2015, in villages — 11.5%, which is more by 0.5% of the value of 2015.

"Work is underway to reduce the proportion of condominiums that require major repairs. Thus, according to the 2017 results, this indicator was reduced by an average of 2% in the republic as compared to 2015, amounting to 25%. Based on the ministry’s data, after the reconstruction and construction of water supply and sanitation networks, the rate of accidents on urban water supply networks decreased to 0.35, water disposal — to 0.16. The share of normatively treated wastewater in cities on average in the country is 91.1%, which is more by 10.1% in 2015," the minister reported.

Regarding reformatting the current government program for the development of regions until 2020 to the State, Suleimenov reported that the tasks, target indicators, results and activities of the Program were actualized.

"In the Address 'New Opportunities under the Fourth Industrial Revolution,' the Head of State set the task of introducing changes and additions to the Program for the Development of Regions until 2020, providing for an annual allocation of at least 100 billion tons from all sources to provide rural populated areas with quality drinking water. Proceeding from the provisions of the Strategic Development Plan of Kazakhstan approved by the Decree of the Head of State until 2025, the goal of the State Program is to increase the competitiveness of the regions through managed urbanization and improve the quality of life of the population," said the Minister of National Economy.

In the context of the updated State program, it is proposed to solve tasks such as the development of functional urban areas, territories and infrastructure of housing and communal services in the context of directions.

"Work will continue on the further provision of the population with centralized water supply in towns and villages. So, according to the 2019 results, the provision of centralized water supply in cities will be 97%, in villages — 62%. Under the instruction of the Head of State in the draft State program, the expenditures for the development of rural water supply systems have been brought up to 100 billion tenge. The mechanism of development of water supply systems with transition to rational and effective ways of water supply of the population is also strengthened. Work will continue on upgrading the housing and communal services," Suleimenov summed up.

Akim of Pavlodar region B. Bakauov, Zhambyl — A. Myrzakhmetov and East Kazakhstan — D. Akhmetov reported on the work in the regions.

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