Culture • 23 October, 2018

25th Anniversary of TURKSOY celebrated in Astana

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The tour of the Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY to Kazakhstan dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the International Organization of Turkic Culture ended with a final concert in Astana.

The concert held in the wonderful building of the Astana Opera on October 19th,  2018 took place in the presence of  TURKSOY Secretary General Prof. Dusen Kasseinov and the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of the Reublic of Kazakhstan  Mrs. Aktoty Raimkulova along with artists from Astana as well as journalists and many amateurs of music.

The Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY which was established in 2015 in order to foster the exchange of conductors, artists and repertoires among choirs of the Turkic World as well as to introduce Turkic music to the world gathers selected young artists from conservatories of TURKSOY member countries.  The Choir which had won three gold medals shortly after its establishment at the 2nd European Choir Games has ever since then been a great source of pride fort he Turkic World. Now, with the  final concert of its tour in Kazakhstan, the choir enchanted its audience once again and left undelible traces in the memories of its spectators.

This year, the Youth Chamber Choir took the scene with a new repertoire featuring  colourful folk songs of the Turkic World such as  “Ne bahırsan” from Azerbaijan, “Karatorgay” from Kazakhstan, “Suygoynum chyksa bolboybu” from Kyrgyzstan, “Ben Giderim Batuma” fromTurkey, “Bibican” from Turkmenistan, “Kılpıllama” from Uzbekistan and “Teftilau” from Tatarstan (RF). Abay's "Gözümün karası" (Kazakhstan), Cahangir Cahangirov's "Bana Bana Gel" (Azerbaijan), Kazım Koyuncu's "Koyverdun Gittun Beni" (Turkey) and  Naira Sharafaeva's "Horazm Navolyari" (Uzbekistan) were the highlights of the concert which received standing ovations from the audience.

The choir conducted by Mrs. Gulmira Kuttybadamova from Kazakhstan  took the scene with 34 artists from the Turkic World including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Tatarstan (RF) this year.The tour featured concerts in Karagandy (October 13th), Pavlodar (October 15th), Semey (October 16th), Oskemen (October 17th) and Astana (October 19th).

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