Politics • 26 October, 2018

Status of Teacher and Year of Youth in Kazakhstan: Bakytzhan Sagintayev meets with education workers

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October 26 in the course of his working trip to the Almaty region, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev held a meeting with education workers and parents in the region on the implementation of the Address-2019, and visited the Lyceum School No. 28 to get acquainted with the quality of educational services.

A wide range of issues related to the development of the education system, in particular, improving the quality of pre-school and school education, ensuring child safety, raising the social status of teachers, digitalization, upgrading infrastructure, including the construction of new schools in order to eliminate three-shift education were discussed. The purpose of the meeting is to hear firsthand how, within the framework of the performance of the Address of the Head of State, issues of the education system are being addressed.

The Prime Minister noted that 1.75 trillion tenge would be allocated to the implementation of the Address over the next three years. First of all, work is underway to increase the minimum wage by 1.5 times from January 1, 2019, from 28 to 42 thousand tenge. As a result, wages of 1.3 million employees will grow by 30%. It will also affect 275,000 civil servants, including teachers, whose salaries will increase by 35%.

Meanwhile, the participants of the meeting noted the importance of the President’s order to increase public spending on the development of education and health care systems to 10% of GDP over the next five years.

In 2018, total expenditures on education amounted to 4.1% of GDP (2.4 trillion tenge), including 3.5% from the state budget and 0.6% from the private sector. Total for 2018, education and health care expenditures amounted to 7.38% of GDP (state budget — 5.4%, private sector — 1.9%). Within the framework of the three-year budget, an increase in spending on education is expected from 456.3 billion tenge in 2018 to 752.1 billion tenge in 2021, or by 65%.

Secondly, it was noted that, on behalf of the Head of State, an additional 50 billion tenge should be allocated to eliminate three-shift schools and a shortage of places. Thus, in total about 100 billion tenge was allocated for the construction of schools. At the same time, the Prime Minister outlined the need to attract private investment and use the public-private partnership mechanism for the construction of new educational facilities.

In addition, issues of ensuring the safety of children through the establishment of surveillance cameras, raising the status of teachers were considered. Within the framework of the Address, the status of teachers, their salaries, and social guarantees will be completely redesigned, the burden on teachers will be reduced. The Ministry of Education and Science is developing a draft law on the status of a teacher. Attention was also paid to improving the quality of work of universities and colleges, which will now be monitored based on the demand for graduates and employment indicators.

During the discussion, educators came out in support of the initiatives of the President voiced in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan.

The teacher of physics of school No. 11 named after Berlikozhauly of the village of Erkin, K. Zhaksybayev, a participant of the program “With a Diploma — to the Village!” noted the importance of supporting young teachers.

“In our region there are more than 418,000 young people, 80% of which are rural youth. There are cases when young people from villages cannot find a permanent job after graduation. I hope that the Year of Youth will give a new impetus to the solution of many issues. All conditions have been created for us, the older generation supports us, we must strive forward,” said Zhaksybayev.

The teacher of English at school No. 5, Kapshagai, Y. Donskaya, in her speech stated that caring for the teacher is caring for the younger generation, about the future of the country.

“The sphere of education, upbringing of the younger generation has never been left without attention by the Head of State. The Address was heard October 5, on Teacher's Day, and we took it as a gift. Elbasy instructed to adopt the law ‘On the Status of the Teacher,’ which will consider the legal and social protection of teachers, reducing weekly workload, will also consider salaries of teachers and kindergarten teachers," Donskaya said, calling the traditional annual Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan an important document uniting the spirit and strength of our people.

In turn, the Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev, commenting on the issues raised, reported that today the draft law “On the Status of the Teacher” is under discussion. The public introduced various kinds of proposals. All proposals have been collected, the project will be discussed for two months, then it will be posted on the website of the ministry. There will be a public analysis. According to the Minister, by the end of 2018 the bill will be ready.

In addition, representatives of the parent and student community made comments during the meeting. A member of the regional parent committee, D. Abdildina, made suggestions on ensuring child safety, strengthening the work of school psychologists, and enhancing the role of the Board of Trustees. The teacher of the Russian language at the secondary school No. 12 in Taldykorgan E. Filimonova shared her opinion on the status of the teacher and the professional development of teachers.

The third year student of the Agrotechnical College N. Babazhan told the meeting participants about the quality of education, living conditions in student dormitories, and also voiced students' proposals for the Year of Youth.

“The new Address of President Nursultan Nazarbayev is of particular importance for young people. For the first time in the history of independent Kazakhstan, the Year of Youth is announced. Young people of Zhetysu proudly received the news that 2019 is dedicated to the young generation. We hope that the implementation of the state youth policy in our region will receive a special impetus this year,” said Babazhan.

Rector of Zhetysu State University named after Zhansugurov, K. Baimurzayev, outlined the issues of improving the quality of training and improving the competitiveness of domestic universities.

It should be noted that during the working trip, the Prime Minister also visited the IT Lyceum School No. 28, where he familiarized himself with the quality of educational services in the region. The new facility was put into operation at the beginning of the new school year, designed for 1200 places.

Sagintayev examined the level of technical equipment of the school, familiarized himself with the work of the multimedia room, where he was taught programming skills, 3D design, and project activities.

Cabinets are equipped with modern technologies, the necessary conditions for learning and physical development of schoolchildren were created.

It should be noted that in order to prepare young people for the digital economy, 21 robotics rooms, 11 IT classes and two IT centers have been opened in the region. On the basis of the Almaty Economic, Taldykorgan Polytechnic and Taldykorgan Agro-Technical colleges, three centers for IT competences have been created.

In total, the construction of four schools was completed and put into operation at the expense of the republican budget, 30 educational facilities were repaired in 2018. Currently, 22 educational facilities are under construction. By the end of 2018, the construction of two schools, one kindergarten and one music school will be completed.

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