05 November, 2018

Estonia sees prospects for long-term cooperation with Kazakh business — expert opinions

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Kazakh-Estonian business forum was held November 5 in Astana. On the sidelines of the event, experts told about the cooperation prospects for the business communities of the two countries to reporters of PrimeMinister.kz.

It should be noted that over the years, Kazakhstan and Estonia have managed to create a solid foundation for trade and economic cooperation. For 8 months 2018, the trade turnover between the countries amounted to $21.7 million. At the same time, there is sufficient potential for expanding and deepening cooperation.

Advisor to the Ambassador of Estonia to Kazakhstan Erkki Weismann noted that the two countries are working closely in the field of digitalization.

“I know that you are now working actively on the development of digitalization. Your President gave instructions on this matter. A large delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Askar Zhumagaliyev and your akims and statesmen visited Estonia, they were told about digitalization, how you can connect the work of the ministries to simplify life,” said Weismann.

At the same time, the expert talked about how citizens can feel the effect of the digitalization process.

“We have been actively developing digitalization for 25 years, medicine has completely switched to digital format, there are no longer any paper documents. I can, for example, sell the car, being here, and the buyer will receive a registration certificate by mail in two days. And these are already ordinary things,” Weismann shared his experience.

In turn, the adviser of the Estonian Investment Promotion Agency Toomas Kastik cited a number of examples of ongoing cooperation between the two countries.

“Exchange cooperation has been established in the field of digital government. In this regard, a good example is the experience of the Estonian company for the digitalization of textbooks. This is a very promising area for cooperation,” said Kastik, stressing that digitalization is also taking place in education, medicine, industry, government, as well as other major sectors of the economy.

At the same time, the expert voiced which sectors of the economy, in his opinion, are most attractive for Kazakh-Estonian cooperation. If at present Kazakhstani goods are already being delivered to Europe through Estonia, then with the expansion of transit interaction, Kazakhstani entrepreneurs will be able to increase the share of their own products in Europe’s markets.

“Today’s forum, a business meeting, has a very high significance for us, since we see prospects for long-term cooperation with Kazakhstan’s business. Estonia has good opportunities for the Kazakh business in terms of expanding access to the European Union. We have a very high level of digitalization, which allows Kazakh entrepreneurs to run their business very smoothly and at the same time remotely. The location of Estonia is very convenient, as the center of the Baltic region, the country has an excellent access to the sea and communications with all countries of Scandinavia, the Southern Baltic and including the eastern cities, such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. I think that such decisions, such opportunities will be attractive for the Kazakh side. Moreover, we have very good prerequisites for cultural concepts and no language barriers,” said Kastik, noting that Estonia has capacities both in transport and logistics, and in the transshipment base. Estonian ports have free sites to expand the presence of Kazakhstan business in Europe.

Following the business forum, the Protocol of Intention to cooperate in energy and digitalization was signed.

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