09 November, 2018

«Spirit of the Great Steppe» will open in Ankara

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On November 14, 2018, the exhibition «Spirit of the Great Steppe» will open at the Mustafa Ayaz Museum of Modern Art in Ankara, Turkey. The exhibition is organized in the frames of the Presidential Program «Ruhani Zhangyru» by Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international organization of Turkic countries cultures (TURKSOY) and A. Kastyev Museum of Arts.

The international organization of Turkic countries cultures (TURKSOY) was established in 1993 by the agreement signed by ministers of cultures of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey. At present time 14 countries are members of TURKSOY – six of them are founders of the organization and 8 are observers, including Republic of Altay (Russian Federation), Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation), Republic of Sakha (Russian Federation), Gagauz Eli Autonomic Region (Moldova), Republic of Tyva (Russian Federation) and others.

TURKSOY’s major objective is to support the spiritual unity of the brother Turkic nations, introduction of Turkic culture to the world and transition of Turkic traditions to the young generations. Since 2008 till present time famous Kazakh musician, professor, diplomat and politician Dusen Kaseinov is a General Secretary of TURKSOY.

Abylkhan Kasteyev Museum of Arts is leading art museum of Kazakhstan with the largest collection of Kazakh visual art in the world. The exhibition «Spirit of Kazakh Steppe» reflects the uniqueness of nomads culture, Kazakh way of life, national ride games, traditions and customs. The exhibition is a bright sample of modern Turkic country with her great interest to the past, history, and ancient civilizations located at its territory, and to the modern common human problems and spiritual searches.

32 paintings and graphic art works will present to Turkish audience and guests of Ankara the art of Kazakhstan outstanding masters as Eugeniy Sidorkin, Abdrashit Sydykhanov, Dulat Alieyev, Gani Bayanov, Bakhyt Bapishev, and modern Kazakhstan artists as Marat Bekeyev, Shamil Gulieyev, Nelli Bube, Askar Esdaulet, Almagul Menlibayev, Andrey Noda, Gulzhamal Tagenova, Alpysbay Kazgulov and Byacheslav  Lyi-Ko.

Four graphic works of the classic of Kazakh art Eugeniy Sidorkin – Lullaby, Kyz Kuu, Baiga and Kok par have splendid composition. In his Kazakh National Games Series the artist masterfully present the spirit of ancient national horse games – fulminant dynamic, contest’s hazard and glow of the fight. His work Lullaby oppositely has very thin lyrics – mother, embracing her child.

Kazakh master Abdrashit Sydykhanov is presented by the painting A Token of Shepherd (1989). This work reflects a very important period of his creativity in late 1980-s, when he introduced a new conception of artistic expression – an ancient tribes tokens became the base of symbolic painting.

All works of Nelli Bube Nomads, Hospitality, Women of Kazakhstan, Lunar Caravan and The Scythians present the unique, colorful ethnic images of nomads – roaming on the camels, trade caravans, women national costumes and warmness of Kazakh hospital soul. The artist became very famous in late of 1990-s, when she started to experiment and developed a unique mixed technique, the technique of relief painting. She mixed oil paints with different materials, and creates not the illusion, but the form itself.

Gulzhamal Tagenova works in avant-garde and postimpressionist techniques.  Her exhibition works Spring, Petroglyphic drawings and Mountains Breathing. Kaskelen are glorifying native land, a rave of the spring color and charm of Kazakh girls. Gulzhamal like to depict the moments of women life – Kazakh brides in Kazakh headdress «Saukele».

Museum’s Director, Professor Gulmira Shalabayeva noticed: «The exhibition demonstrates very vividly the widen variety of modern Kazakh art, its colors and uniqueness. Through organizing the foreign exhibitions A. Kasteyev Museum acquaint the world with our culture, history and visual art, promoting the talented Kazakh artists and Kazakh art on international level».

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