Politics • 13 November, 2018

Timur Suleimenov explains why heating tariffs differ in regions of Kazakhstan

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The Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov told how the tariff for heating is formed at a press briefing held November 13 in the press center of the Government, the press centre of Prime-Minister reports. 

According to the minister, the final cost that consumers pay for heating is influenced mainly by the type of fuel used to generate this energy.

“In the north it is mainly coal. If you take the southern regions, it is gas. By default, since coal is mined mainly in the northern region at Bogatyr, Karazhyra, Maykuben, it is quite cheap there. And, accordingly, it is very convenient as a source of heat for thermal electric energy. Therefore, in terms of electricity and heat, the lowest tariffs are in the north of our country,” the minister noted.

In the south, gas is provided from the west of the country. As you know, gas, being an internationally traded commodity, costs more, because both its initial cost and transportation are more expensive. This, in turn, affects the cost of heat energy. If in the north the cost of blue fuel is 2,300 tenge per gigacalorie, in the southern regions it exceeds 5,000 tenge per gigacalorie.

“It’s quite difficult to do something with it, you just need to use energy-saving technologies faster. Together with the Ministry of Energy, we are working to reduce the selling price at the field. If we succeed in this, then along the chain we will be able to bring this price reduction to the end consumer within a month,” said the minister.

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