14 November, 2018

Lower prices for medical services and drugs: Bakytzhan Sagintayev meets with medical community of Zhambyl region

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As part his working trip Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev met with the medical community of Zhambyl region to discuss topical issues in the development of the health care system. In particular, measures to improve the quality and availability of medical care, reduce prices for health services and drugs, provide medicines and timely first aid were considered, the press service of Prime-Minister reports. 

The health of Kazakhstanis is the most important priority of the state. The Head of State instructed to pay special attention to the quality of medical care, lower prices for medical services and drugs.

The Government conducts systematic work. Government spending on health development is increasing annually, and state programs are adopted. Thanks to the measures taken, morbidity and mortality rates have been reduced. At the same time, the Prime Minister drew the attention of the meeting participants to a number of issues requiring the revitalization of work. These are, first of all, questions of the quality of medical aid and the transparency of the process of pricing medical services and medicines in the region.

According to the Ministry of Health care, drugs worth $9 billion were purchased for the Zhambyl region.

Head of the Regional Health Department M. Dzhumankulov reported on the measures taken to improve the quality of medical services in the region. Thus, over five years of implementation of the Densaulyq State Program, the average life expectancy in the region increased from 71.16 to 72.3 years, the maternal mortality rate decreased by 6%, the infant mortality decreased by 21.1%.

In order to increase the availability of primary health care, under the public-private partnership, construction of 29 facilities will be completed in 2018, 40 are scheduled for commissioning in 2019 and 25 more in 2020. Thus, the provision of buildings will be 100%. Dzhumankulov also reported on the ongoing work on the digitalization of the sphere, the increase in salaries for doctors and medical staff.

Vice Minister of Healthcare O. Abishev, in turn, said that in order to reduce the prices of medicines, changes were made to the Law on Drug Regulation on the transition from the discharge of trademarks to the international non-patented name. That is, physicians will not issue a prescription indicating the brand (which also affects the cost of the drug), and will prescribe the necessary medications. Thus, citizens will acquire funds for the chemical component. This work will be carried out in 2019 and will solve the problem with high prices for medicines.

The head physician of the city polyclinic No. 5, D. Sarsenova, who spoke on behalf of the regional healthcare representatives, raised questions about the development of primary health care. In her opinion, the health of patients only by 10% depends on the system on healthcare, and joint responsibility of citizens is important for improving health. This is manifested in the timely passage of preventive examinations, screenings, etc.

The Prime Minister got acquainted with the quality of medical services in the region during the examination of the regional children's hospital. The chief doctor of the hospital, M. Rabandiyarova, reported that more than 4,000 complex operations with various surgical pathologies, including more than 200 high-tech operations in neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology, are performed at the clinic annually. As part of the hospital’s digitalization, the Elsimed information system was introduced, designed to make doctor appointments and receive medical services. Since July 2018, the medical documentation of the hospital has been completely transferred to the electronic format.

In general in Zhambyl region, 82 healthcare organizations have switched to paperless medical records. In the field, digital literacy posts have been opened in all Primary Health Care organizations. With the help of established digital literacy posts, 489,105 people were trained. This is 86.8% who actively use the internet. In the mobile application of the Damu Med medical information system, 34,000 people are registered.

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