Politics • 15 November, 2018

Implementation of Presidential Instructions: Maytiev speaks about measures to increase tariff transparency

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Government is actively working to fulfill the tasks set by the Head of State at the Security Council meeting to ensure transparency of tariff setting and lower utility prices. In an exclusive interview with PrimeMinister.kz, Chairman of the Committee for Regulation of Natural Monopolies, Protection of Competition and Consumer Rights of the Ministry of National Economy Azamat Maytiev spoke about what work has already been done and what the expected results are, the press service of Prime-Minister reports. 

“From November 12, 2018, public reception hours were opened for the population in all cities of regional significance, Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, during which incoming proposals and complaints are systematized, explanations about the tariff formation process are given, and as a result of consideration of complaints received, unscheduled checks of utility monopolists will be held,” said Maytiev.

In order to enhance the transparency of the tariff setting process, strengthen the control over monopolists in terms of their execution of tariff estimates and investment programs, we have initiated changes in legislation. So, already in the Mazhilis of the Parliament, new laws on issues of natural monopolies are currently under consideration, which provide for the involvement of societies for the protection of consumer rights in the process of considering reports of natural monopolies on the implementation of tariff estimates and investment programs.

“From January 1, 2019, we are introducing a mandatory format for submitting electronic applications for tariffs approval for natural monopolies. At the same time, the full access of consumers to this database will be ensured, all proposals, comments and consumer questions will be systematized according to the application, which will be later considered at public hearings and clarified on them. The consumer will get an answer to all his questions,” Maytiev noted.

In addition, amendments to the legislation were initiated. For example, such as of natural monopolies will give semi-annual public report, instead of annual, to consumers on the progress in the execution of tariff estimates and investment programs.

“We want to introduce the institution of public monitoring of the implementation of tariff estimates and investment programs by natural monopolies. This means that there will be organized visits to the utility providers with the participation of the media, consumers, public associations and various local executive bodies, Atameken NCE and other stakeholders. In order to make it visible for everyone how the implementation of investment program activities by natural monopolies takes place,” said Maytiev.

In addition, according to him, the duties of local executive bodies will be provided for holding public hearings before consumers when approving the norms for utilization of public services.

“Today, local executive bodies in our country approve utilization norms for utilities, we want to make this process public,” the committee chairman concluded.

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