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Economy • 26 November, 2018

Monopolists to cut tariffs for electricity, heat and water services by total of 20.3 billion tenge — Timur Suleimenov

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Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov reported on the work in progress to reduce tariffs for services of monopolies in the housing sector at the Government meeting chaired by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

As the minister noted, in order to reduce tariffs for services of monopolists in the housing and utilities sector, electricity, coal, heat, water, gas, sewage, telephone, Internet, elevator maintenance, garbage collection, the Ministry of National Economy took a number of measures.

“To date, 32 monopolists in the areas of heat supply, water supply, transmission and supply of electric energy have made decisions to reduce tariffs in the amount of 20.3 billion tenge, including in the last two weeks by 1.9 billion tenge on six subjects. In order to identify unjustified income received by monopolists and return them to consumers, 33 unscheduled checks have been started. There are 24 unscheduled inspections to be started,” Suleimenov said.

Heat supply

Almaty region: Heat Networks LLP, a decrease of 320 million from 5,619.46 to 5,604.85 tenge / Gcal (-0.26%);

Water supply / drainage

Almaty region: Kapshagay Su Arnasy State Enterprise, a decrease of 93 million, including water supply from 87.92 to 75.34 tenge / m³ (-14.31%), water discharge from 108.53 to 73.99 tg / m³ (-31.83%);

Power supply

  • Aktobe region: AktobeEnergoSnab LLP, a decrease of 314 million from 14.39 to 14.16 tenge / kWh (-1.6%);
  • Kyzylorda region: Energoservice LLP, a decrease of 200 million from 15.79 to 15.21 tenge / kWh (-3.67%);
  • Almaty region: Zhetysu Energotrade LLP, a decrease of 158 million from 18.16 to 17.9 tenge / kWh (-1.43);
  • North Kazakhstan region: Soltustik energortalyk LLP, a decrease of 9.8 million from 17.9 to 16.78 tg / kWh (-6.6%).

The ministry is also working to reduce wholesale prices for electricity and gas, which will reduce retail prices for users.

The ministry is working with the akimats of the regions and cities of Astana, Almaty and Shymkent to reduce prices for heat supply, water supply, transmission and supply of electric energy, garbage collection, KSK, elevator services, as well as bus, trolleybus and tram transportation.

Suleimenov informed that, according to the information of the Zhambyl region’s akimat, from Dec. 1, 2018, the following price reduction is planned:

  • for utility services — by 6.7% (from 15 to 14.1 tenge);
  • for garbage collection services — by 5% (from 99 to 94.4 tenge);
  • for elevator services — by 7% (from 770 to 715 tenge).

To fulfill the Head of State’s instructions to organize the feedback with the population, 48 public receptions on problematic issues in the housing sector were held, which were attended by 1,312 people. Suleimenov said that hotline telephones are functioning for consumers who do not have the opportunity to attend public receptions. The hotline number is 8-8000-8000-12, the call is free in Kazakhstan.

As for the medium-term measures, to strengthen the transparency of tariff setting and control the implementation of tariff estimates and investment commitments by monopolists, two sets of amendments to legislation have been prepared. Amendments that strengthen the mechanism of monopolist inspections and require changes to the Business Code will be provided for in the draft law on the development of the business environment and regulation of trading activities, which is currently in the Mazhilis of Parliament.

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