Politics • 26 December, 2018

Entrepreneurs of Aktobe region increase minimum wage of employees in support of President’s Address

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The Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Address “Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase Incomes and Quality of Life” instructed the Government to raise the minimum wage by 1.5 times from Jan. 1, 2019. The initiative of the President was supported by many entrepreneurs, including businessmen of the Aktobe region.

The construction company Transmostgroup LLP, existing for more than half a century, is to complete this year with success. In the early 2000s, the company that built such important facilities of the grain processing industry of the Aktobe region as grain storages, feed mills, grain storage elevators, mills, as well as housing facilities and social, cultural and residential facilities, took the landmark for the construction of bridges for the city and for other customers. During the season, the company employs about 350 people. Moreover, manual labor was reduced as much as possible due to the introduction of modern technology, which does not allow industrial injuries.

“The team employs about 150 people. These are machine operators, technicians, installers. The average salary is 100-150 thousand tenge. In summer, it reaches up to 200 thousand tenge. Salaries are stable, we pay on time. In the coming year, to support the Head of State’s Address, we plan to increase salaries to our employees by 10% or more. Starting from January 2019, we will form a new staffing table,” said General Director of Transmostgroup LLP Tulegen Tanatarov.

The construction company Aktobe Saulet is involved in the implementation of the state housing program Nurly Zher. In the coming year, the company's management decided to raise wages to its employees.

“Next year we are planning a minimum salary increase of 10%. Probably, in the corridor – from 10 to 15%,” said the founder of Aktobe Saulet LLP Nurken Turbayev.

Deputy Head of social issues of Aktobe Saulet LLP Bayan Turebayeva said that today the company employs 675 employees.

“In connection with the President’s Address, our team expresses its support and, starting from 2019, we plan to increase the salaries of our employees by about 10%. Now our employees receive an average of 85 thousand tenge,” said Turebayeva. It should be noted that in six months the company builds more than 30 thousand square meters of housing.

Peasant farms of the Aktobe region also declared their intention to raise wages. Head of the Agriculture Department of the Alginsky region Kairat Musin said that several enterprises in the region, in particular the meat processing plant Aktep and the pig-breeding enterprise Paris Commune 21, are currently calculating the allowable wage increase. At the same time, large peasant farms and individual companies in the region also plan to raise minimum wages to their employees.

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