President • 18 January, 2019

Nursultan Nazarbayev visits the Smart Aqkol Situation Center

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The head of state got acquainted with the results of the pilot project on the introduction of modern technologies “Smart city - Smart city”, implemented within the framework of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”. It is reported by the press service of Akorda.

Noting the importance of the work carried out, the President of Kazakhstan stressed that the projects implemented in the field of digitalization are focused primarily on improving the quality of life, creating a comfortable and safe environment for citizens.

- I have always set myself the task - to ensure effective leadership of the state. Concentrated management decisions give good results in the economy, said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The project aims to comprehensively ensure the normal life of the city through video surveillance of road and public safety, including in educational institutions and social facilities, monitoring and management in the field of health, as well as equipping buildings and residential buildings with "smart" equipment of the new generation.

The Situation Center has all the necessary infrastructure for organizing interdepartmental cooperation, demonstrating decisions on tactical and strategic management of the city, including the work of public utilities, aggregation of reliable and timely data on urban resources, and security.

In addition, as part of this project, innovative approaches were introduced in energy efficiency, environmental monitoring and crime prevention, which allowed Akqol to become the first model platform for testing information technologies and developing the Smart City concept in the country.

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