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Grant support will help to implement knowledge, talent and ideas for solving important problems for Kazakhstan — Kazakhstani youth

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The Head of State officially launched the Year of Youth "Tәuelsіzdіktіn Urpaktary." In an interview with, a PhD student of the Nazarbayev University School of Engineering Damira Pernebayeva and a metallurgist of the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Alexander Shutov shared their thoughts on what they expect from the Year of Youth.

PhD at the Nazarbayev University School of Engineering Damira Pernebayeva notes that, thanks to the support of the Head of State, a number of strong, talented young scientists appeared in our country. Young people go to science to give life to new discoveries and inventions. Speaking to the President at the official opening ceremony of the Year of Youth, Damira voiced the proposal of young people to establish special grants for the implementation of 100 promising and breakthrough researches by young scientists.

“I’m sure that all investments will pay off in the next decade and give a powerful innovative impetus to the development of our state,” she said.

The President supported this proposal and commissioned funding for advanced research by young scientists in the basic and applied sciences.

“I believe that the allocated grants will allow to reveal the potential of young scientists, to create the basis for an early career in science. Such a step will be for us, young scientists of Kazakhstan, a real mechanism to apply our knowledge, talent and ideas for solving important problems for Kazakhstan,” D. Pernebayeva noted.

As a metallurgist of the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Alexander Shutov noted, the youth in production are creative people who daily generate a lot of ideas related not only to improvements in production, but also in the social sphere. These are projects for the collection and recycling of household waste, improvement of yards, construction of playgrounds with the use of environmentally friendly materials produced in Kazakhstan.

Alexander himself came to the plant as a smelter, and now holds the position of master at the hot site. In addition to performing his work responsibilities, he takes an active part in the public life of the plant, participates in scientific and technical conferences and forums. At the same time, he is an activist of youth councils for scientific work and trade union youth of Pavlodar region.

“Working at the stove has brought me love and respect for work, which I try to instill in my young colleagues. During my work, I witnessed fundamental changes in the enterprise, according to which the plant’s young people can judge about the changes taking place at the state level. The key role in everything is played by the policy of the Head of State, in which much attention is paid to the youth and its role in the future of our country,” said the metallurgist.

In addition, Shutov is sure that all decisions aimed at supporting young Kazakhstanis made by the Head of State at the opening of the Year of Youth will soon give their results and have a positive impact not only on the economic, but also on the social development of our country.

“I can say with confidence that all doors are now open for young people, and holding the Year of Youth will give an additional incentive to young people on their way to new challenges, and will expand their boundaries. All of this will certainly play perhaps even a key role on the way of Kazakhstan to 30 developed countries of the world, and we, the younger generation, should attach maximum efforts to this,” Shutov shared his opinion.

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